Terms and Conditions

Statutory Rights

None of the contents of these terms of business shall affect the consumer’s statutory rights.


All estimates are subject to acceptance within 28 days.

All supply and fit estimates are valid for 28 days from the date on the estimate.

Verbal estimates for stock availability are correct at the time given, but unless confirmation of an order by the Customer is given immediately stock availability cannot be guaranteed.

Where we offer a free site survey for materials only then quote for others to fit / install we will not accept any returns on materials and are not liable for the fitting of outside contractors.

We cannot be held responsible for any difficulties created by inaccuracies in the customers own measurement of the project.

The installation

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will organise the delivery, installation if required, of your floorcovering using qualified fitters/contractors working in accordance with the manufacturers/suppliers recommended methods and the high standards of EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring.

The heating and ventilation system should be in use prior to the floor being laid. All plaster work to walls and ceilings should be finished prior to floor installation (plaster work should have a maximum moisture content of 8%). Sub floor should be left clean and dry after completion of other trades. The Company will commence installation as a final trade. If floor installation is to take place prior to decorating or electrical final fix, adequate provisions should be made for protection of the finished floor. EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring is not under obligation to fix problems to the flooring caused by other trades people after fitting has been completed.

The position of the wiring and piping in vulnerable places must be drawn to the attention of the Estimator/Fitter. EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring cannot be held responsible for the accidental damage to pipe work or cables as a consequence of a failure on the customer’s part in this respect.

All areas we are to work in must be cleared of all furniture/ building materials by the clients / builders prior to our fitters arriving if we have to move furniture this will be charged as an extra and will be added to invoice (unless agreed in writing prior to fitting).

Disconnecting, moving and reconnecting Cookers, Washing Machines, TVs, Hi-fis, computers, home cinemas, etc. EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring advises that the customer engages a specialist person/organisation to undertake the removal or re-fitting of such items. If we have to move and thereby disconnect any plumbed in equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers etc. or any large items like refrigerators etc, while care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or subsequent leaks from the same.

If the installation is required outside the normal working hours a premium for overtime payments may be added.

Door trimming and refitting. EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring can undertake this at an additional charge to the customer. To be agreed before work undertaken and added to invoice.

If more flooring is required during installation we reserve the right to charge for this

We are not trained Carpenters, furniture makers, joiners etc, Our skills are installing wooden floors and renovations of wood flooring Solid and engineered, If carpenter/ joinery works is needed this will be at clients cost.

If the carpet project requires seaming it must be appreciated that it is impossible to achieve a completely invisible seam.

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring persons work to the high standards set by EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring. However the following should be noted:

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will not enter any building or site if they feel that their safety is at risk. They carry out their work in accordance with Health & Safety legislation as a minimum. They will not accept any instruction which places them or others at risk. They will leave the site if this sort of instruction is made.

The customer will be shown the product before point of installation, once agreed with the customer no changes to the flooring can be made at EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring cost post installation.

Post Installation

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will provide a Free 1 Year Guarantee against installation (unless stated at time of installation in writing). Outside these times consideration of a free service will be dependent upon the circumstances at that time and the nature of the service request. This guarantee does not include fault to the flooring caused by the customer.

Sub Floor

The customer is responsible for the condition of the sub-floor and if additional preparation work is needed to rectify undisclosed faults in the floor additional charges may be made for installation (unless already discussed and accounted for at estimate stage).

Any delays in carrying out the installation not within the reasonable control of EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will not be EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring responsibility.

When the floor covering has been removed, any defect or problem with the exposed sub floor will need to be rectified. If this additional work can be carried out by our staff it will be charged as extra to original estimate and may extend the fitting / renovation time. If the work cannot be carried out by our staff then the customer must find a trade’s person to carry out the work and the floor fitting / renovation will take place at a future date once this work is complete.

If we find that once on-site conditions are not correct for us to carry out works in our time frame we reserve the right to charge for our loss of earnings and will charge for this. We will return at a given date to be decided once conditions are correct, for example; sub-floor needs to be dry, plaster works need to be dry, areas need to be completely cleared, doors and windows installed and the property is sealed.

We will never install our products on wet sub-floors


Individual samples held by EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will be unlikely to be from current production batches and should only be used as a colour guide not an exact match. Where colour is critical EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will obtain a stock cutting if possible from the manufacturer/supplier.

Colour matching between different product batches, including different widths of carpets, cannot be guaranteed. The consumer must make it clear to EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring where exact colour matches are required.

When a new carpet is installed EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring recommends a suitable underlay as this can have a positive impact upon the wear life of the product

Wood is a natural material containing distinctive differences in colour, grain configuration and natural characteristics such as mineral highlights, knotting and pin holes. It is these differences caused by nature that creates the warmth, beauty and uniqueness of each hardwood floor. Your floor may contain varying amounts of these naturally occurring characteristics. As with any wood products, shades and tones can vary with age.

Wood is a natural material. Each piece of wood is unique in grain and colour and therefore cannot be truly representative of a finished installation.


EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will notify the customer as soon as possible if there are any delays with fitting or delivery of ordered goods.

The company requires 14 working days notice if the customer wishes to cancel or postpone the contract. Any cancellation given within the 14 day period will incur a £190.00 administration fee.

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring cannot accept responsibility for delays outside the direct control of EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring.


There will be some dust from the industrial sanding machines we use. We will clean up as much as we can but advise you to remove or protect all curtains, drapes and paintings etc. There will be dust from sanding flooring, we do try our best to contain this, we are not responsible for cleaning charges and do expect dust to be airborne for days after completion.

White tones are not recommended in high traffic areas such as Kitchens and hallways. if you decide to use these colours high maintenance will need to be applied.

If clients decided to change colour once 1st coat is down we reserve the right to charge for sanding back to bare wood again.

We will remove as much as possible imperfections and marks in existing floors while sanding but some stains, previous sanding marks another foreign bodies may remain.

It is not EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring to rectify any imperfections caused to the floor by the customer after the sanding has taken place.

Underfloor heating

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring strongly advice that underfloor heating is not your only heat source in the room.

Underfloor heating should never go above 26c. Manufacturers recommend that you gradually build the heat by 5c a day.


If you the customer requests to have their skirtings removed and reapplied, skirtings will need redecorating. EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring are not liable if the plaster comes away from the wall above the skirting line.

It is impossible to use sanding machines / staining without some damage being incurred to skirting, walls, doors or ceilings below floor level etc.

While care will be taken by our fitters/ restorers, we cannot be held responsible for any such damage caused, or cost involved to repair or redecorate any décor.

Due to the staining and re finishing process it is possible that skirting boards and walls may be marked or damaged in the process of renovating your floors. over lapping can be visible. Whilst care will be taken it is likely that these will need touching up or made good once our work is completed.


UV light can change the colour of all wood flooring, we suggest UV black out blinds / curtains to avoid this happening, move rugs around every now and then so light can get to these areas also

If for any reason there is time between installation of one floor and an existing floor, natural colour changes will take place, it is almost impossible to match them. Only time will make them look similar.

Anything that is moved across wooden floors needs to have protection (chair leg pads etc) to prevent scratching and dents and wear.

We advise against abrasive / chemical cleaners of any type on our floors.

Payment Methods

EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will require 100 % deposit of the product cost of the order.

The balance of the total amount must be paid as soon as the invoice is received after completion of installation.

Payment methods may include bank payment, cheque, credit card, debit card or cash. Outstanding amounts not paid will attract a 2.5% interest rate per month. The pursuit of consumers who fail to pay on time may lead to professional charges which may be passed on to the customer.

The items supplied under this sale remains the property of EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring until payment is made in full.


In the first instance any complaints about the product, service or the installation should be referred as soon as possible to EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring where every effort will be made to resolve the matter with the minimum of delay.

Cancellation & Refunds

When an order is placed a contract exists between the customer EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring. Cancellations are not normally acceptable although in extenuating circumstances where the customer requests a refund of the deposit it will be considered.

This will be less any charges for work already completed or returns cost dictated by the supplier. There may also be a charge for the cost of the estimating or samples supplied.

Extenuating circumstances will be defined by EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring. This does not apply to Special Orders or Bespoke orders. This also does not apply to items which have been fitted or used. Your Statutory Rights are not affected.

In such cases any deposit paid would be refundable (less any charges) EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring will only deal with the names(s) on the invoice or a properly authorised or appointed representative of the initial recipient of the invoice.

Cancellations made for other reasons can lead to a full loss of deposit and charges for the customer for other work undertaken by EMM Flooring Limited t/a Peak Flooring. Please note there is no Cooling Off Period for orders placed in a Store.

If a product has been discontinued or no longer available, we cannot be held responsible for any further claims/ loss if more of the same is required.