Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Wooden floors have always been a luxury floor covering. To maintain the look of you wood flooring then you will need our wood floor polishing service to restore it to keep it looking at its tip top condition. At Peak Flooring we always make sure we apply ourselves well to every project and to make sure that your wooden flooring lasts the years to come.

Wood floor polishing can be performed on any type of wooden floor whether you have plank flooring, parquet floor or sports floors. Polishing a wooden floor or resealing can add many years on to the lifespan of your wooden flooring.

Having your wooden floors polished will not only protect your floors, but will add a new look to your rooms. It will impress any friends and family with new sparkling floors. Sealing a floor is a cost effective way to maintain flooring with the added benefit of the floors new appearance.

It is recommended to have your wood floors polished if they seem to be dull, has surface scratches or if it needs brightening up. It will normally need doing every 3 -5 years to prevent any further floor sanding which is twice the cost.

How To Perform Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floor polishing a floor in Hertfordshire is the same as re lacquering or a scrub and reseal. Wood floor polishing is not floor sanding which consists of removing all the old seal/finish back to bare wood. Wood floor polishing Hertfordshire is a service in where we deep clean the wooden floor and remove any dirt and grime. We the finely sand the floor with a buffer to further clean the floor and to abraid the surface for the polishing or sealing.

We would normally apply 2 coats of specific seals, lacquers varnishes or polishes to any type of wood floors. After the first coat had been applied we would then buff/abraid the floor again to remove any small imperfections and also to give a good key for the following coat.

The finished polished wooden floor should then be left or only have light traffic for the next 3 days to give the seal or polish time to cure completely.

Some wood floor polishing jobs in Hertfordshire can be completed in 1 day depending on the size and also how dirty the floors are. We are able to get wooden floors super clean using our professional scrubber and cleaning liquids to break down the dirt.

If you need a wood floor polished then why not get in contact with us for a free quote on your flooring at home or even in a commercial building.

Floor sanding

Floor sanding is basically the process of removing the old seal and thin layer of wood and making a floor smooth and shiny by sanding it with abrasive materials. If you feel that the floors in your house need refinishing, sanding is very important before the final coat of sealing of the floor to gain a smooth finish. It also is a cost-effective way of revitalising the look of you floors. Sanding is an important part of flooring, which involves preparation, sanding, and coating. If you are hiring contractors for floor sanding, North London is where you can find a few of the best ones. But even if you are hiring contractors there are certain important things that you need to know to get the best results for floor sanding. Read on to know more…

How should you prepare?

Before your contractors get the floor ready for sanding, there are certain important preparations that you should make. Given below is a list of those:

  • Keep your pets away from the area. Either keep them locked in a separate section of the house or leave them with a friend or a pet care centre.
  • Carefully remove all the carpets. Make sure you are not damaging the wood beneath. (This can be carried out by the contractor)
  • Remove all the furniture from the area that needs to be sanded and refinished. If possible, remove everything from wall closets.
  • Remove all upholstery or curtains and drapes. Sanding and preparing the floors cause a lot of dust and these might get dusty too. (This isn’t necessary when using Peak Flooring as our floor sanding services in North London is dust free.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. No need to turn off heating and air conditioning systems.

How to choose the right floor sanding contractors? 

Most of the reputed flooring contractors have their websites. That is the reason you can search for all reputed floor sanding contractors using the Internet. For example, if you are searching for contractors to do sanding of your floor, try searching for a contractor using a keyword like “floor sanding North London”. It will bring you all the suitable results. Now you can research well and choose the most preferred one.

When it comes to choosing a contractor, recommendations always work. If any of your family members, friends, or neighbours has recently opted for floor sanding and refinishing, you can ask for recommendations of a reputed and reliable contractor. They can recommend the best professionals for you. They have had the experience to deal with a flooring contractor. They will be able to guide you to deal with a contractor in the best possible manner.

Choosing contractors for floor sanding? North London based contractors are known for providing the best quality services. You must do a bit of research before choosing a flooring contractor in a particular area.

Things you must consider

In addition to choosing the right flooring contractor, there are certain important considerations that you must make while choosing a contractor. Here are a few:

  • You must consider your budget first when it comes to refinishing the floors. Check whether your budget permits you to replace the flooring altogether or you need to opt for sanding and refinishing as regular maintenance jobs.
  • Check whether the flooring contractor you are choosing is reputed and reliable. Find out whether the contractors you are choosing to have proper licenses and insurances. Moreover, you must check whether the contractors are equipped with the latest technology and equipment’s to undertake such tasks.

Parquet Flooring Restoration & Repairs

Parquet flooring restoration and repairs are required if you are the owner of a wooden parquet floor and like to keep it looking good and keep the flooring safe. The images below show the difference that a parquet floor restoration can make to almost any wooden floor.

There are a number of ways to restore a parquet flooring, and some are better than others (I will go through these ways further down). There are also several steps that need to be carried out prior restoring parquet flooring, such as parquet block repairs, sub floor prep, and removing any metal objects.

Below is a before and after of a parquet flooring restoration project we completed that needed block repairs and sanding level. As you can see from these images that we have completely transformed this wooden floor.

Parquet Flooring Repairs

The first step was to repair an area of the floor that had no parquet blocks as previously there was a wall there that had been taken down to make the room larger. We used reclaimed parquet blocks for these repairs that we lifted from another room that was being carpeted. We next had to clean the blocks up, meaning that all the bitumen had to be removed from the underside of the blocks to enable the newer style adhesive to gain a good solid fix to the sub floor. The two floors were slightly uneven so we screeded the floor, followed by applying a liquid damp proof membrane.

We next laid the parquet blocks over the top and once the wood floor adhesive had set, we then sanded the parquet flooring repairs level with the rest of the floor.

We not only managed to remove any bumps in the floor from the two uneven sub floors.  We also managed to join the blocks up to continue the herringbone pattern, rather than placing a border row down the middle of the floor. Peak Flooring and the customer were both really happy with how these repairs finished.

How We Go About Parquet Floor Restoration

When we restore any type of parquet flooring we always sand at 45 degrees to the grain of the wood to prevent any cupping of the blocks due to cutting across the grain of the wood (some floor sanding specialists say it’s best to cut across the grain both ways, but this is not correct as you should always sand with the grain, failing that at 45 degrees to it). Please see here.

We started sanding this floor with a 40-grit sanding belt followed by a 60 grit belt. We next sanded down the edges that the belt sander couldn’t reach with a 40-grit sanding disk on our edging sander, followed by a 60 grit sanding disk.

Once we got to this stage, we then needed to fill the floor with the fine dust we collected from the sanding mixed with Bona Mix & Fill. This would fill in any small gaps between the parquet blocks giving a more seamless look to the finished wooden flooring.

Once the filler had dried it was time to start sanding off the filler with a 80 grit sanding belt, followed by an 80 grit sanding disk to leave the edges flat and smooth. This was the bulk of the floor sanding completed and we only really needed to buff the floor to leave it smooth and ready for sealing.

We go that extra step and use our Bona Flexisand Power Drive sanding machine. We place 60 grit sanding disks on first and sand over the whole floor, followed by 100 grit disks and then we buff over the whole floor again with a 120-grit sanding mesh. This leaves the floor silky smooth, scratch free and the perfect surface for sealing.

The finish on this Parquet Flooring

The customer wanted a lacquered finish to the floor. When we started sanding the floor, we noticed that the natural salts that are present in some species of wood had started to seep out of the wood. This is normally a problem when lacquering a wooden floor during parquet flooring restoration as the water-based lacquer will make the problem worse. To combat these natural salts reacting with the lacquers we used Bona Prime Deep which is an oil-based primer that is compatible with water based lacquers. The oil creates a barrier and locks the salts into the wood. We next applied two coats of Bona Traffic HD to compliment this beautiful parquet floor.