Floor Sanding & Wood Floor Restoration Hertfordshire
Dust Free Floor Sanding Technology

Peak Flooring specialise in floor sanding and restoration of wooden flooring. We are a Bona Certified Contractor, CRB checked and fully insured to give our customers full peace of mind. There is no need to look any further for a floor sanding and wood flooring company.

wood flooring
Wood Restoration and Floor Sanding

We specialise in parquet wood floor restoration throughout Hertfordshire and London from our base in Stevenage. Get a beautiful new look to your room or whole house with our expert knowledge in sanding parquet and pine floorboards.

sports hall refurbishment
Sports Floor Restoration

We specialise in sports floor restoration, resealing and court markings. If you have a sports hall then we should be your first choice for any maintenance or refurbishment work.

Seamless sports surfaces
Sports Court Markings

We are specialists in court markings whatever the surface. We cover the whole UK and work in many different sports centers, school halls and community centers.

Granwood floor sanding
Granwood Sports Flooring

Peak Flooring are one of the leading Granwood floor sanding and refurbishment companies in th UK. We use the latest in dust free technology to keep dust to a minimum to prevent a deep clean of your premisis.

wood flooring
Seamless Sports Flooring

Seamless polyurethane sports flooring is one of the best sports surfaces there is. It is completely seamless from wall to wall as well as having the correct shock absorbing properties. All our sports surfaces comply with BS EN 14904.

squash court maintenance and refurbishment
Squash Court Maintenance

Peak Flooring are the number 1 choice for squash court maintenance across the UK. We are specialist squash court contractors using the highest quality materials.

Ever wanted a perfect wooden floor? Peak Flooring specialise in floor sanding and wood floor restoration to achieve the best finish to all wood flooring

Wood Floor Sanding, Restoration & Repair Service

Peak Flooring are a professional flooring company who specialise in floor sanding, restoration and refurbishment of all wood flooring and sports flooring. We are a genuine Bona Certified Contractor giving our customers security with all aspects of their wooden floors. Always look for the Bona Certified Contractor and Junckers Approved Maintenance Contractor logos when selecting any floor sanding company to undertake work on your wooden flooring.

We learnt our trade in the sports flooring refurbishment industry, floor sanding and installing wooden & Granwood sports floors across the country. We use different techniques tailored to individual wood flooring and circumstances to create the best result for every individual project, whether it be an Olympic size sports hall or a personal domestic space. For wood floor sanding Hertfordshire, London or the home counties get in contact with us for free quotes and friendly advice. We cover the whole country for sports flooring services and commercial floor sanding.

We guarantee to always use the highest quality seals and lacquers from Bona or Junkers the most commonly specified seals by architects around the world. All our floor sanding machines are built to the highest industry standards developed by Bona, world leaders in the floor sanding industry. Bona machines have a dust pick up rate of 98%, for certain contracts we also use the Bona DCS extraction system increasing this to 99.8%, so having your floors sanded no longer creates lots of airborne dust.

Floor Sanding Experts

We have gained a specialised floor sanding technique that will leave your wood flooring looking smooth and beautiful like in the glossy magazines. We are also able to work bank holidays, weekends and night times for our commercial floor sanding services. We do this so that the business does not need to shut down during the floor sanding process.

Why Use Our Sanding Service?

At Peak Flooring customer satisfaction is our priority and we pride ourselves on having a professional friendly team. We are all CRB checked, CSCS registered and both Bona and Junkers Certified. We take pride in our work and are confident we can achieve the best possible result for any floor sanding and restoration project.

Other Flooring Services We Provide

We are specialists in all aspects of wooden and sports flooring. We install court markings, wooden sports flooring, squash court, Granwood flooring, and seamless polyurethane surfaces. We also restore and refurbish all wood flooring, sports, granwood floors, polyurethane surfaces, and squash courts back to almost new condition. All of our installation, refurbishment, floor sanding and court markings service comply with Sport England specifications.

Please browse through the rest of our website to find more detailed information on the services we provide.

Our Latest Flooring Projects

Community Hall Parquet Refurbished

This is a parquet project we sanded in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. The parquet wood flooring doesn’t look to bad in the before picture, but the court markings are raised as they have had new paint applied to the lines every year making a build up of paint and therefore making the court markings protrude from the parquet blocks. This parquet block project was bare from lacquer when we turned up …


Hitchin Herringbone Parquet Flooring Project

As you can see from the before photos that this parquet flooring in Hitchin, Hertfordshire was badly damaged and scratched. It looked like it had been stained at some point too. We were able to sand the parquet blocks back to bare wood and levelled out the parquet. We then made smoothed the parquet surface before buffing the floor to a 150 grit finish. After we applied 1 coat of …


Teak Wood Floor Sanded In Essex In Wicken House

Here is a teak wooden floor that I floor sanded and sealed in Wicken House, Wicken Bonhunt, Essex. This floor was full of staples, cupped, covered in bourne seal and dirty. The wooden floor now looks amazing and new again. It was sealed with 1 coat of Junckers Prime and 2 coats of Junckers Strong. The customer was very happy with the finished wood floor and was amazed at the …


5 Finger Parquet School Hall Floor Sanding

This is a 5 finger parquet school hall sanded and sealed in Essex. It had 1 coat of Bona Prime and 2 coats of Bona Traffic for the high traffic that school halls receive on a daily basis. The wooden parquet block looks beautiful as you can see. This school hall flooring was heavily sealed with Bourne seal and we left it looking brand new. Again another satisfied customer of …


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The Process of Sanding a Floor from Start to Finish: Brought to You by Peak Flooring in the UK

Sanding a floor can be quite the chore. There are many steps involved in restoring original wood floors to a beautiful finished product. Floor sanding, is the process of removing the top surfaces of the wood with the use of abrasive sanding material such as “sanding belts.” Before beginning such a project first we must have all the materials and machinery needed to begin.

Here at Peak Flooring we have all the materials and machines needed to begin any type of floor sanding project. Before beginning we need to make sure all materials are readily available. Here is the list of what will be needed:

  1. Sanders (Drum/Belt Sander, Edging Sander, and a Corner Sander, finishing sanders/buffers).
  2. The correct sanding belts and abrasives that fits each of the sanders mentioned above.
  3. Protective materials such as masks, ear protectors, dust cloths to protect other rooms or furniture. (We use all dust free floor sanding machines, so this step is not necessary when using our services.)
  4. A hammer or drill.
  5. Lacquers, oils or waxes.

Next we will begin prepping the room to begin sanding. When refinishing a floor we will need to remove the material on the top (the varnish or oil). This will need to be sanded off. If finishing a new floor than we will just focus on sanding the top layer, so it is smooth. There are several ways to sand with a drum/belt sander. Most people will use a back and forth motion to sand floors, while others will use a 45˚ angle motion to the grain.

Before turning the sander on and beginning the project we will protect ourselves by placing a “dust mask” over our face, glasses to protect eyes, and ear protectors. We will check the room to make sure all windows are open and that all cracks under doors are covered, so that the dust stays in the one room. (Again this step can be skipped if we complete the sanding project as we use dust free floor sanding machines.)

Next we will prep the floor. We will check to make sure there are no nails or screws that are above the surface of the floor. If there are then we will use a hammer or screw to make the nails or screws flush to the floor or lower. Now we are ready to begin sanding the floor.

Step 1

We will use a “drum/belt sander” to begin sanding. First we will affix the right sanding belt to the sander. Now we will sand the whole surface of the floor using either a front to back stroke or an 45˚ angle depending on the condition of the floor. If the floor is smooth than a back and forth stroke will be fine, however, if the floor in uneven as many older floors are, we will use the 45˚ angle approach. Make sure to sand the parquet flooring or plank flooring using a harsh, medium and fine sanding belt to achieve a smooth finish. If the incorrect approach is used then it is possibe that the flooring could be damaged. At Peak Flooring we know the correct approach for every type of wood flooring.

Step 2

Once the floor has been completely sanded only then can we move onto the next step and begin to use the Edging Sander. An Edging Sander is used to sand the edges of the floor. Again we will need to place on a new sanding disc that fits the Edging Sander before we begin. Now we will take the sander around the perimeter of the floor. It is vital to level the edges to the rest of the floor to ensure a perfectly flat finish. It is also important to use a coarse, medium and smooth sanding disk for the edges as in the belt sanding processto gain the best finish. Once this step is completed we will move onto the next step.

Step 3

Now it is time to use the “Corner Sander.” A Corner Sander is used to finish sanding the areas that the other sanders could not reach. This is a smaller sander and is able to reach awkward places that the other two sanders are unable to reach. Again use a coarse sand paper followed by a medium and fine one.

Step 4

Now it is time to finish the floor using a finishing sander or buffer. At Peak Flooring we use the Bona Flexisand Power Drive which has 4 disks on the bottom. These machine will finish any wooden flooring to the highest standard possible and giving the smoothest finish there is.

Step 5

Now the floor has been sanded it is ready for the vacuuming and sealing. Now all the dust particles left behind will need to be cleaned up with our high powered dust extraction units. We will vacuum the floor clean and then use a slightly damp micro fibre mop to remove any fine dust particles left behind.

Let’s finish this floor by applying a coat of your choosen floor finish (oil, wax, or lacquer). Allow this to dry and then lightly sand it to de nibb any grain raise. Next vacuum and apply another coat. Repeat this process a minimum of three times to apply 3 coats.

Peak Flooring specializes in restoring any floor to its original condition or to finish a brand new floor. We have all the needed materials and machines to get the job done, and we do all the work so you don’t have to.

Check out our gallery to see pictures of floors and past projects that we here at Peak Flooring have completed.