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Wooden Flooring Pros & Cons

Wooden floors can be fitted professionally or as a Do-it-yourself project

If you are inside a dilemma as to how you can create your flooring in your new home, hopefully a few helpful tips will be useful. Wooden flooring is a superb choice for your flooring as it is easy to lay yourself if you are assured to do so, and is obtainable in various woods and stains, textures and finishes to suit most themes and requirements. One benefit of having a wood floor throughout your home is that it gives continuity of space and line from area to area, thus creating a more spacious, open-plan environment.

Because of being neutral as well as natural, it will complement most themes as well as colour choices and it is easy to keep clean, creating a better environment for those that suffer from asthma or allergies as wooden floors, unlike carpet, does not harbour dust, pet hair and general daily grime. The appearance is also timeless so it’s worth spending your hard earned pounds on some quality flooring.

Designed flooring is the most well-liked choice as it includes several layers of wood, giving strength and durability in comparison to opting for a solid-wood floor. Although wood is rustic and very precious, especially if you have some wonderful floor planks that can be transformed, note that some have a tendency to shrink and expand according to room temperature, moisture and moisture. Engineered flooring would be my suggestion, as it not just eliminates the problems attached with natural flooring, it’s available in various surface finishes, such as lacquered, oiled or unfinished, catering for all styles and options.