Wood flooring is one of the nicest looking and hard wearing floor coverings you can get for any room. Not only is it a beautiful natural product, but it is also hard wearing and can last a lifetime. There are different types of wood flooring such as solid, engineered, plank and parquet floors. There is also different types of design such as bevelled edges, smooth flush edges, board width, type of finish and different wood species. There is also a number of ways to install wooden floors such as nailing, glueing to the sub floor, floating, and laying on top of battens or joists. This will all be explained below.

At Peak Flooring we will work with you from selecting the best type of wooden floor and then on to the maintenance of the floor throughout its lifetime. However hard wearing wood flooring is as like any thing else it’s going to require some maintenance in the future to maintain its beautiful looks. We not only install wooden floors but we also refinish, maintain and sell all the products required.

Wood Floor Fitting

Peak Flooring offer a wood floor fitting service in HertfordshireDorset, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas installing any of the floors mentioned below to the highest standards. Fitting a wooden floor to a high standard is a real art and should not be carried out by an untrained professional. It should be fitted by a specialist fitter to ensure you get a guarantee, the correct expansion joints are left, the correct flooring is fitted and that all cuts are hidden (i.e under door frames, etc).

Getting one company to supply and install your floor will bring costs down and save time and hassle. We are used to supplying and fitting wooden floors, so we can make the process as simple as hassle free for our customers as possible.

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Different Types Of Wood Flooring

Below is the different types of wood flooring that can be bought and installed. They all have different benefits for installing and for different locations. Certain wood species are perfect for homes, but others that are more hard wearing are better for shops and commercial premises.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring Resealed

Solid wood flooring is exactly that. It is solid wood from the top layer all the way through to the bottom. Solid wood floors can be cut into parquet blocks, tongue and groove planks. Solid wood flooring can be installed by either being stuck to the sub floor, nailed to battens or sub floor, and glued on the tongue and groove for a floating floor installation. It comes in many different species with the most popular being oak, due to its hardness and strength.

Having a solid wood floor installed will always be a great choice, as with the correct maintenance and care, it can last a lifetime.

Engineered Wood Flooring

engineered wood floor restoredEngineered wood flooring is made up of laminated hardwood wear layer of around 3-5 mm which is glued on top of a cheaper, softer wood underneath to build the thickness of the board and give it more strength. Engineered wood floors can be installed by either glueing to the sub floor, glueing the tongue and groove together to make a floating floor, installed on a batten system or nailed to a wooden sub floor. Again engineered wooden floors come in a wide range of species, colours and finishes.

Many people believe that it is not possible to sand and restore engineered wood flooring, but that is not the case. Depending on what thickness of wear layer you have, it can probably be sanded 2-3 times as long as there is not too many deep gouges.

Engineered wood floors have become a popular choice of floor covering for many business’ and homes due to it being affordable, beautiful and hard wearing surface.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring StainedParquet flooring is made up of wood blocks laid in different patterns. There are a few different designs of parquet such as finger parquet, herringbone, chevron and some very rare designs that can be found in some properties. Parquet flooring comes in solid and engineered as well as with or without tongue and groove . It is mainly installed by glueing it to the sub floor, but in some cases it can be nailed to a wooden sub floor.

Parquet wooden floors are a very sought after floor covering and can be found in some of the most prestigious places in the world.

Plank/Strip Wood Flooring

Pine Solid Wood Flooring Stained

Plank/strip wood flooring can be made of any species and can be with or without  tongue and groove. It is made up of solid wood and its mostly seen in homes and used as pine floorboards. Plank flooring also can normally be found in old cottages and older building as thick oak floorboards. Strip flooring is normally installed over battens and joists, however it can be fitted using any of the other systems that have been mentioned above i.e glued to a subfloor.