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Floor Sanding London – Wood Floor Restoration & Repair Company

In London there are many old building such as Victorian and Georgian houses both containing solid wood and parquet flooring. Wood flooring is found in many homes in London even the newer built homes as they will generally contain either solid wood flooring or the cheaper alternative engineered wood flooring. All types of wood flooring will need to at some point, be sanded and sealed. A professional floor sanding company is the only way to create the best finish for your wood or parquet floors.

There are many London floor sanding companies offering floor sanding, wood floor restoration, and repair services, but which 1 to choose?

We offer dust free floor sanding in London and the home counties. We are able to offer a 99.8% dust pick up rate using our latest Bona belt sander and Bona DCS (Dust Care System). Using this system we are able to sand and restore your wooden floors to the highest standard possible almost completely dust free. There will be minimal dust created as all of our floor sanding machines plug up to a dust extraction unit.

wood floor sanding in London housepine floorboard sanding

To achieve a perfectly flat and smooth floor from restoring it requires not just specialist floor sanding equipment, but also years of experience using them. Many people / companies believe they can just get a sander and start sanding their floors with it, after reading tutorials and watching videos on the internet. This is ok if you are not looking to have the best finish or even if you don’t mind possibly ruining your floor. Peak Flooring do not cut corners when floor sanding! There are many corners to cut when sanding a wooden floor, such as not going through the sanding grits correctly, not buffing / finishing the wood correctly, not edging properly and not sanding the corners down level. Not to mention sealing and lacquering properly.

If you have a beautiful wood or parquet floor in your home in London and it’s looking a bit dull, dirty or you think it has come to the end of its life. There is no need to worry, as every wooden floor we ever visit we make them look like new again saving our customers a small fortune. Floor sanding is normally half the price or more of replacing a wooden floor, so it’s financially a good idea and at the same time you end up with the same finish.

Maintaining your new wooden floor after the restoration is a good idea as this will make the wood flooring last longer in between resealing it. Resealing your London home floor every 2 – 3 years will make it not only look fresher and protect it, there is no sanding required. This means that the job is much smaller and much cheaper.

If you are looking for a specialist finish on your wooden floors, then why not get in contact with us by visiting our contacts page for either a free quote or friendly advice on any type of floor sanding London or wood floor restoration project you are thinking of.

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