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Wood Floor Polishing Hertfordshire, Dorset and Bournemouth

Wooden floors have always been a luxury floor covering in Hertfordshire, Dorset and Bournemouth. To maintain the look of you wood flooring then you will need our wood floor polishing service to restore it to keep it looking at its tip top condition. At Peak Flooring we always make sure we apply ourselves well to every project and to make sure that your wooden flooring lasts the years to come.

Wood floor polishing can be performed on any type of wooden floor whether you have plank flooring, parquet floor or sports floors. Polishing a wooden floor or resealing can add many years on to the lifespan of your wooden flooring.

Having your wooden floors polished will not only protect your floors, but will add a new look to your rooms. It will impress any friends and family with new sparkling floors. Sealing a floor is a cost effective way to maintain flooring with the added benefit of the floors new appearance.

It is recommended to have your wood floors polished if they seem to be dull, has surface scratches or if it needs brightening up. It will normally need doing every 3 -5 years to prevent any further floor sanding which is twice the cost.

Granwood Sports Floor Sealing AfterJunckers Sports Flooring Installed

How To Perform Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floor polishing a floor in Hertfordshire is the same as re lacquering or a scrub and reseal. Wood floor polishing is not floor sanding which consists of removing all the old seal/finish back to bare wood. Wood floor polishing Hertfordshire is a service in where we deep clean the wooden floor and remove any dirt and grime. We the finely sand the floor with a buffer to further clean the floor and to abraid the surface for the polishing or sealing.

We would normally apply 2 coats of specific seals, lacquers varnishes or polishes to any type of wood floors. After the first coat had been applied we would then buff/abraid the floor again to remove any small imperfections and also to give a good key for the following coat.

The finished polished wooden floor should then be left or only have light traffic for the next 3 days to give the seal or polish time to cure completely.

Some wood floor polishing jobs in Hertfordshire can be completed in 1 day depending on the size and also how dirty the floors are. We are able to get wooden floors super clean using our professional scrubber and cleaning liquids to break down the dirt.

If you need a wood floor polished then why not get in contact with us for a free quote on your flooring at home or even in a commercial building.