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Wood Floor Oiling With Bona Oil 90

Before OilingBefore Sanding

Here is a project that Peak Flooring completed for a customer in Aston, Stevenage. the above images are of before sanding started and after sanding had been completed, but with no finish applied. The difference floor sanding has made is immense. The below image is of the completed floor with 4 coats of Bona oil 90.

Wood Floor Oiled 4 Coats Of OilPlease excuse the dark image of the finished floor, but we stayed late to ensure the job was completed on time and the house did not have any mains power to it. This parquet floor looked fantastic once it was finished and I will recommend more people have their floors oiled from now on as the results are great.

Oiling a wooden floor has its benefits in the fact that it’s possible to just apply more oil to the floor in certain areas or the whole floor and also be able to use the flooring again almost instantaneously. Wood floor oiling is a great way to bring out the grain in wood flooring and to enhance the look of the wood that is under your feet.

it is normally advisable to have 3 – 4 coats of oil applied to the floor for maximum protection of the wood. The wood will only take on a certain amount of oil so adding more coats can sometimes be a waste of time as the wood will not take on any more oil.