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Why Choose Wood Flooring

It seems everyone is making the move to wood floors these days. And there tend to be more ways than ever before to get the wood look. But how can you decide which is right for your home?

Arron Smith from Peak Flooring Design in Nixa describes the different types of wooden flooring and the pros and cons of each.

Q: What goods are available?

A: “At the reduced end of the spectrum, there are laminates. You can spend a lot of money on laminates, but the vast majority are very reasonably priced. Laminates are usually durable, they’re pretty homogenous inside whatever color you choose. You’re not necessarily going to get wild swings like you would certainly with real wood,” Matthews says.

“From there, you would go to an designed floor. Engineered can be a fancy term regarding plywood, because right now it becomes a real wooden veneer,” Matthews says, explaining that the very thin coating of hardwood is affixed to the particle board, creating the look of a solid-wood floor. “You can get some dimensionality with that. It can have a hand-scraped appearance, or troubled,” he says.

Next appear prefinished solid wood floors. “It’s a good piece of wood that has been prefinished in different sizes, from 3 and a one fourth inches clear up to five inches in a range of colors and finishes,” Matthews says.

After that are solid wood floors. You can select any type of raw flooring – pine, maple, pine, lung burning ash, you name it – and possess it installed next select the exact spot and finish you’re looking for. Another option is reclaimed wooden floors. “Those are floors that are included with a cool story — ‘This wood came from Philadelphia tobacco barn’ or something like that,” Arron claims, laughing. “There’s just some individuality to those reclaimed wood flooring that the current manufacturers are trying to re-create, such as fingernails that rust inside the board,” he says, adding that they fall a bit shy of the indicate when compared directly along with real reclaimed timber.