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What Is Granwood Flooring?

I get asked the same question all the time when I mention Granwood flooring. Everyone says what is it?

Well Granwood flooring is a tiled block flooring made up of a composite wood fibres, fillers and linseed oil. The size of the blocks are 174 x 57 x 10 mm thick and are normally laid in baskets of three blocks. Granwood floor blocks are fire resistant with people claiming it was the only thing that survived after a fire. You will find Granwood flooring in many different places from schools to sports centres. The blocks are normally laid on a concrete sub base, but it is possible to install them over a sprung wooden floor. When Granwood blocks are laid over a sprung floor system they are called Gransprung floors. Gransprung flooring is usually found in sports halls to give the floor some flex to make it more comfortable for the sports players.

granwood flooring in a school hall

A Granwood floor after resealing

Granwood floor maintenance is recommended on any Granwood floor as it will definitely make the floor last longer. To maintain a Granwood floor it is essential that you keep the floor free from grit and dirt as well as making sure that you get the floor professionally cleaned and resealed on a regular basis. Whenever sealing a Granwood floor make sure to always use Granwax Granguard or Granstone.

If the floor has been maintained correctly then it will be less likely that your floor will need refurbishing so often. To refurbish a Granwood floor you will need to sand off the top layers of lacquer as well as a small layer of the Granwood blocks. Floor sanding Granwood floors is a specialist job and just because you sand wooden floors, this does not mean that you will be able to sand Granwood floors succesfully. Not only do you need the expertise, but you need the correct machinery and sanding abrasives. Floor sanding Granwood blocks creates lots of dust. To counteract this, you will need high powered vacuums to keep the dust down.

Peak Flooring already have all of the machinery and expertise on sanding and refurbishing Granwood floors. So if you have a Granwood floor and you need help and advice why not get in contact with us here at Peak Flooring.

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