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What Finish Should I Have – Lacquer Or Oil?

When thinking of having your wooden floor sanded, you might find yourself asking “what type of finish do I want?” The decision is up to you, but what is the difference between the two?

Lacquer is a layer of polyurethane seal that will sit on top of the wood, making sure to protect the wood making the floor last longer before needing further floor sanding. Lacquer comes in different finishes from matt, semi-gloss, and gloss. Customers normally tend to prefer semi-gloss lacquers as they give a light shine on the floor, why not being to hard to maintain and look after. there is also no colour in the lacquers we use so this will keep the natural look and colour of your floor.

Oils will soak into the wood enhancing any grain or knots the wood may have. Oils tend to look nicer depending on the wood species. Oils finishes do not tend to offer such a high level of protecting the wood as the oil soaks into the wood rather than sitting on top like the lacquers. It is possible to top the wooden surface up with additional coats of oil when it begins wear.

There is an alternative if you like the look of an oiled floor, but require more protection like lacquered floors. This product is called hardwax oil. Hardwax oil has all of the benefits of oils as well as being able to protect the floor. This is because the oil will soak into the wood, whilst the wax will sit on top of the wood, protecting it.

It is also possible to stain wooden floors, but it is only possible to go darker and we only recommend staining pine boards as this can make them look nicer.