Gerflor Vinyl Sports FlooringVinyl sports flooring is a cost effective solution to covering any sports hall floor. Not only is it a cost effective but hard wearing and come in many designs such as wood effect. They also have great shock absorption and grip which is good for playing any sports on. There is not much maintenance required either with vinyl sports floors apart from cleaning them to keep them grease free and looking in top condition. Vinyl sports systems are perfect an room that may have a high humidity due to it being able to made of a backing and vinyl material which is resistant to water. Unlike other sports flooring such as wood or Granwood that can be affected by either high humidity or water damage. Due to the fact that vinyl sports flooring can be installed in a fraction of the time that a traditional wooden floor can be installed it will nit only reduce cost but will also reduce downtime on the sports hall floor being out of use, or in a new build situation it will be finished sooner and ready for the next contractor to start.

The most popular type of flooring that we tend to install is Gerflor Taraflex which is a French company. They have a wide range of products for sports hall flooring as well as for many other sectors. To date they have 5 different types of vinyl sports flooring that all have their own special benefits. Some schools use their sports hall to double up as exam or assembly room and this is still possible when choosing Gerflor Taraflex vinyl sports flooring without the need to buy any additional protective layers.

Constuction of Gerflor TaraflexThere are two installation methods that can be used when installing Gerflor Taraflex and this depends on how damp the sub floor is. If the sub floor is still quite damp then we would use the the Dry-Tex method which cuts down the time in waiting for the subfloor to reach 75% RH which is ideal for new builds. However if the sub floor is already dry then we would use the free flow Eco-Fix method which reduces the adhesive use by up to 80% which will lower the voc emissions.

Court Markings On Vinyl Sports Flooring

Sports court markings on a vinyl sports floorAll sports flooring including vinyl sports floors will need court markings painted onto them to allow people to play sports. This is achieved by using a 2 part polyurethane paint that will cure extremely hard and tough which is required to last for many years to come. At Peak Flooring we not only install floors but we maintain them and also paint on the court markings ourselves, so no need for any other contractor. For more information on court markings please visit our court marking page

Construction Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is normally made up of a fibreglass backing with a wear layer made out of vinyl over the top. The vinyl wear layer is hard wearing and can have any colour or print put on it. The most popular design with vinyl manufactures tends to be a wood effect design. As printing has improved over the years it can sometimes be hard to actually tell the difference between a wooden or vinyl floor. The also have many other designs such as stone and tile prints as well as  huge selection of different colours but these generally are used in domestic properties.

So if you are looking at a cost effective, hard wearing and easy to maintain sports flooring soloution, why not get in contact with Peak Flooring for a free estimate on a wide range of vinyl sports flooring products.