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St Paul’s Community Centre Wooden Floor Reseal In Wimbledon

After The Floor ResealBefore The Reseal

This is a project we carried out for St Paul’s Community Centre in Wimbledon, London. We were asked to reseal the floor to enhance the grip and to protect the wooden floor that was sanded about 3 years ago. There was also 3 to 4 board repairs to carry out as they had large cracks in or had fallen through.

We first cleaned the wooden floor with our scrubber dryer machine to remove any traces of dirt and grease. This is a very important step when resealing a wooden floor, because if there is any dirt, marks or grease left on the wooden flooring, then the wood lacquer will either not stick, or the dirty marks will be sealed into the floor until sanded again.

We then used a 150 grit mesh disk on our Bona Flexisand to abraid the floor and to remove any last marks that were not cleaned off with the previous machine.

After the floor was clean and abraided we then cut out the board repairs and replaced them with the same wood to ensure a good match with the existing wooden floor. After repairing the floor we then had to use our floor sanding edger to level and smooth the repairs. We were now ready for sealing after making sure the floor was completely free from dust and dirt.

We next applied 2 coats of Junckers HP Commercial to the floor to ensure a durable finish to the wood and make it handle all the dancing that takes place in this hall.

Peak Flooring always recommend resealing a wooden floor as this will not only add extra grip to the floor, but also make it look nicer and newer as well as prolonging the life of the floor and lengthening the time that floor sanding will have to take place.