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Squash Court Maintenance & Refurbishment In London

Squash court maintenance, refurbishment and repair in London is required at some time to maintain a safe playing area. When squash court floors are not sanded or kept clean they will become slippery and un safe to play on. This can cause injuries to the squash players. It is always preferred to have the walls in optimum condition i.e smooth plastered white walls.

Below is a before and after of 2 squash courts we refurbished for a sports center in London and the difference is not only cosmetical. The complements keep coming in from the squash players at how much better it is to play in there now.

Squash Court Refurbishment AfterSquash Court Maintenance Before

How We Go About Squash Court Maintenance

We will always check to see if any bulbs need changing in the lights that illuminate the playing area of the court. Next we will make good any damaged plaster or skim the whole court if the plaster on the playing walls has not failed. Squash court walls in London get lots of damage due to the amount of use they get with the ball constantly being hit against them. Once the plaster is dry we will then clean the walls down to remove and grease, leaving a good surface for the paint to adhere to. We will next paint the squash court playing walls with 2 coats of England Squash & Racquet Ball approved paint. The next day once all the walls are dry we will line mark the walls with a court marking tape.

We now start on repairing and sanding the wooden floor. Sometimes it is necessary to repair any damaged boards that have either fallen through or split (these normally occur around the service areas). Once any board repairs are completed we next begin sanding the floor with a 40 grit sanding belt to remove any dirt and scratches from the floor. We then follow this with a 60 grit sanding belt. We also sand the edges down with a 60 grit sanding disk as a 60 grit finish is the required finish for squash court floors. We then begin to mark out and paint the line markings required for playing squash. The wooden floor in a squash court is an important part of squash court maintenance and refurbishment.

As mentioned above that squash court maintenance doesn’t just make the courts look better, but will actually be much better to play on due to increased light, clearly marked out lines and increased grip to the floor.

For further information on our squash refurbishment and maintenance services please follow this link