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Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment AfterSports Hall Floor Refurbishment Before

Sports hall floor refurbishment on a wooden 57mm maple sports floor. This sports hall floor refurbishment was part of a large multi million pound restoration project to the whole sports center. Peak Flooring were asked to refurbish the sports hall floor, the squash court and also a dance studio floor. As you can see from the images above that this sports hall floor refurbishment project was a complete success and looks absolutely amazing. The sports floor now looks new again and will stay like this with the correct maintenance.

Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

We began sanding the sports hall floor with a 36 grit sanding belt at a 45 degree angle to the grain. We sanded the floor this way to make sure that we could leave the floor as flat as possible for our clients and also to remove the old seal, dents, scuffs and dirt from the maple sports flooring. We then sanded the sports hall flooring again using another 36 grit sanding belt, but this time we sanded with the grain. We did this step to make sure we had removed all the scratches from the previous cut and also to finish cleaning the floor off. Once we had finished cleaning the sports hall flooring we then sanded it twice more using 50 grit and 80 grit sanding belts. We also sanded down the edges to blend in with the res of the floor.

We then passed over the maple sports hall flooring with our Bona Flexisand Power Drive sanding machine with 100 grit sanding disks which will do the work of a 100 grit disk, but leave a 120 grit finish. These machines are excellent for sports hall floor refurbishment as they give you a better finish quicker and on a large area that is important.

We then needed to seal the sports flooring. We used 1 coat of Junckers Prelak and 1 coat of Junckers HP Sport. After these coats had dried, the floor needed to be abraided for us to paint on the court markings. After the court markings had been painted on, it was then time to abraid the court markings and apply the last coat of sports seal to the sports hall flooring.

Please watch our sports hall floor refurbishment video below which we actually filmed at this sports hall.

Squash Court Refurbishment

Squash Court RefurbishmentWe were also tasked to complete the squash court refurbishment on 1 court. We needed to repair the damaged plaster, paint the walls, sand the floors and re line the squash courts.

We first repaired any damage to the plaster in the squash court walls followed by 2 coats of approved squash court paint. We next refurbished the Junckers Sylva Squash floors by floor sanding and re lined the floors and walls.

This squash court refurbishment is now complete and looks new again as you can see from the image to the right.

We regularly carry out floor refurbishment in all areas of sports centers which gives as the experience to give our clients a quick turn around whilst not compromising on quality.

Dance Studio Floor Refurbishment

Dance Studio Floor Sanding
The image to the left is of the dance studio floor we refurbished that was also 57mm maple. This maple dance studio floor needed quite a few boards to be repaired before we could start the floor sanding.

We sanded this floor the same way we did the sports hall flooring, as it’s exactly the same flooring, condition, etc. It was also sealed with the same products giving a hard wearing finish to the floor. This dance studio floor is heavily used and it will now stand the test of time.

After any sports hall floor refurbishment it is essential to maintain the floor properly by cleaning it with the correct cleaning products and also to keep as much dust off as possible by sweeping the sports flooring daily. After a few years it may be necessary to reseal your sports hall floor to keep a layer of seal on top of the wood, and also to add grip and freshen up the sports hall floor.

Peak Flooring specialise in sports floor refurbishment and sanding different types of sports flooring through out the country. if you have a sports floor that is in need of some care and attention then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.