Sports floor refurbishmentAll wooden & Granwood sports flooring can be refurbished by being sanded and resealed bringing them back to their former glory. We regularly sand and restore sports floors that can be as much as 50 years old and our clients are always amazed at the results. All the discoloured seal and a small layer of wood is first sanded off which also takes out any scratches and marks. Then the floor is sanded again working through different grades of abrasive until an extremely smooth finish is achieved. The floor is then primed before the required layers of seal are applied (we recommend 2 layers for general use). Any court markings can be applied at this stage locking the court paint between coats of seal which will give them a longer life and make them stand out more than surface sports court markings.We also use sport specific seals from either Bona or Junkers to give the best possible grip for all sports. All our sports court marking paints are also specific for their use, giving the optimum colours for their particular sport.

Sports Floor Sanding

At Peak Flooring only the highest quality floor sanding machinery from Bona, world leaders in the floor sanding and refurbishment industry, are used achieving the best possible result. The machines used are 98% dust free, if required we can also use Bona DCS dust extraction units giving a 99.8% dust free service.

Granwood Sports Flooring

Sanding Granwood floors creates lots of very fine dust. We use an extraction system to protect against any airbourne dust. Gransprung and Granwood flooring is a durable sports surface that looks amazing after it has been refurbished. After many years of sports use the Grangaurd seal starts to go a brown colour. It then requires for the seal to be sanded of, relined and resealed. This will make the Granwood floor look as good as new again. Granwood flooringblocks need repairing sometimes as they may have cracked and/or come unstuck from the concrete screed. For this we will lift up the old Granwood blocks and replace them with new blocks and then sand the whole surface to a smooth finish. We are Granwood Flooring specialists and undertake all the work ourselves and do not sub contract them to other companies.

Any repairs to your sports floor can also be carried out before the floor sanding process so that they blend into the floor and become unnoticeable. Any gaps can also be filled with epoxy resin mixed with the dust from the floor so that they match exactly with the floor before being sealed.

Granwood Flooring Refurbishment

We can refurbish and restore all wooden floors, Junkers, Boen, wood strip, Parquet blocks, engineered boards and Granwood sports floors. We also refurbish squash courts to British Squash and racquetball association standards. All the above procedure can also be applied to sports halls, school halls, gym floors, church halls, community centres, museum floors, dance studios or any area that is used for games, parties and functions.

If your sports hall floor or gym floor are not badly damaged then it might only need a reseal. It is far cheaper to reseal a sports floor/gym floor as there is no floor sanding required. We will give the floor a deep clean with some cleaning chemicals and scrub-dryer machine to clean off any dirt and oils. We will then abraid the surface and clean the floor again. After the floor is dry and free from any dust we will re-seal the sports floor/gym floor with either Bona or Junkers high grip sports seal. We normally re-seal with 2 coats of seal.

Resealing regularly will also protect any court markings/line markings you have. Having a good floor maintenance program for your sports floor it can save you money in the long run. If the floor maintenance program is followed correctly the floor should never really need sanding again.

We also sand school gym floors. The average time it takes to sand a gymnasium floor would be about 4 days including any court markings you may require. A sports hall floor refurbishment that is about 600 sqm or 4 badminton courts takes 5-6 days from start to finish.

Polyurethane (PU) Sports Flooring

We can restore and repair Polyurethane PU sports flooring from just a minor repair to resurfacing the whole floor. To resurface a seamless polyurethane sports floor we can either sand down the old court markings and re paint on a top coat. Or if the surface is too badly damaged we can abraid the surface and put a new 2mm coat of polyurethane (PU), and then re paint the over coat and court markings back on. Any of these services will make your sports floor look brand new again giving it a second life. Polyurethane (PU) sports flooring is a cost effective solution as it can be installed over the top of many sports floors without the cost of removing the old floor.