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Sports Court Markings Gone Wrong In London

Court Markings Being Sanded Off


When sports court markings go wrong it can be either impossible or very hard to put right, especially on wooden or Granwood flooring. It is harder to put right on wood or Granwood as the only way to get rid of the sports lines that have been painted on is to sand them off again. On vinyl or seamless polyurethane sports floors if any mistakes happen then the incorrect line will be painted over with the same colour paint as the floor.

The picture to the side shows what a wooden sports floor looks like when sports line markings go wrong. The previous line marking company that carried out this work had already attempted to paint these court markings once before, so you’d think the second time they completed the work it would have been to a higher standard. The first time the line markings were painted on the paint had bled underneath the tape, leaving very ugly lines. The second time it got attempted the paint didn’t level out. We believe this to be because an accelerator was mixed with the paint to speed up the drying time, but maybe too much was added and the paint dried too quick and didn’t have a chance to level out.

This was devastating to see as the floor had only just been refurbished. To see the picture above showing it in this state 3 weeks after the refurbishment wasn’t a nice sight. Peak Flooring came to the rescue and completed the job right first time.

Strait Smooth Court Markings In London

Strait, Smooth Sports Lines Wonkey, Rough Sports Lines


(Left: Court Markings by Peak Flooring – Right: Court Markings by Previous Line Marker)

If you look at the images above you will be able to notice that not only do the court markings not have a smooth finish to them, but in fact that are not strait at all. To us at Peak Flooring we find this poor workmanship. Now looking at the image on the left you can see that the sports line markings carried out by Peak Flooring are strait and also have a fine edge to them and also have a smooth finish to them. (The left hand side of the red line still has some of the previous line marking paint that was not removed when sanding off the old paint. We didn’t sand and prepare the floor, we just painted on the sports lines and this could be why the left edge doesn’t look as sharp as normal.)

Due to the sports center having already closed down the sports hall for 10 days for the floor to be completely refurbished, the manager said that all the work had to be carried out overnight to prevent loss of earnings from closing the sports hall again. Maybe this was why the court markings were not carried out to the highest standard, but in all honesty the court markings were not up to standard 2 times and surely this is not a coincidence. We worked through the night after the sanding company had removed the lines from the floor and prepared it for us. We then started to line mark the floor giving ample time for the paint to be dry for when the sports hall had to be open at 9.00am. It took ourselves and the other sanding company 3 nights to complete this project to a high standard, leaving the center manager happy.

We would not normally recommend sanding just the court markings off and this would normally leave marks on the floor from the sanding, but we were only contracted to carry out the court markings. However this actually turned out very good to our surprise.

After we were able to rectify this problem for the sports center we gained extra work there by refurbishing their squash courts which have also received a number of compliments.

Peak Flooring are frequently called in to put right other companies work and this does not stop at court markings. We have rectified a number of projects ranging from poor floor repairs, bad squash court maintenance, etc. For a full list of the services that we offer please browse through our site

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