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School Parquet Floor Sanding Letchworth

School parquet floor sanding Letchworth afterSchool parquet floor sanding Letchworth before

School Parquet Floor Sanding in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. Peak Flooring were asked to repair and sand the parquet flooring in this school hall. There was a number of missing blocks we we needed to source to match the existing parquet blocks. Once the parquet blocks were replaced we could then start the floor sanding.

We began the parquet floor sanding with a 40 grit sanding belt to remove the old layers of seal and to level out and remove any heel marks that were in the wooden floor. We then sanded the finger parquet flooring with a 60 grit belt followed by a 100 grit sanding belt. We made sure to change the direction of the belt sanding to ensure we left the floor as flat and even as possible. We also made sure to sand at 45 degrees to the grain to ensure the individual blocks stayed at flat as possible in Letchworth. We then sanded the edges down to the same level as the floor and blended them in using a 80 grit edging disk.

The next step of parquet floor sanding in Letchworth was to begin smoothing off and removing any fine scratches using our Bona Flexisand Power Drive sander. We sanded over the floor with 60 grit disks to blend the edging sanding into the rest of the floor and to remove any scratches left from the belt sanding process. We next changed to 100 grit sanding disks to remove any fine scratches left from the previous 60 grit and to leave the floor super smooth. After that pass we then changed to a 120 grit sand screen disk and made the last pass over the parquet flooring to leave the perfect finish ready for lacquering.

We then applied 1 coat of Bona Prime Intense and 3 coats of Bona Traffic HD making sure to buff and de nib the parquet flooring in between each coat.

School Parquet Floor Sanding Letchworth

As you can see from school parquet floor sanding in Letchworth photos above that there is such a difference from the before and after of the floor. Using tried and tested methods and the highest grade materials Peak Flooring are able to offer our floor sanding service to all school around the country.

A small bit of history: Letchworth Garden City has a population of 33 700 people to date and it was founded as a town in 1903. The town is situated just north of Stevenage and is right next to the A1 motorway. Due to the great transport links that Letchworth Garden City has, it makes it a great choice to live for commuters.