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School Granwood Block Flooring In Torquay

School Granwood Block Flooring AfterSchool Granwood Block Flooring Before

School Granwood block flooring in Torquay that we sanded and refurbished. Peak Flooring we asked to sand and refurbish this Granwood block flooring for a Torquay school and as you can see from the pictures above the difference we have made. The blocks are now actually visible and not covered with many years of old dirty seal. The floor now has a great new look to it, has added grip and with the correct maintenance will last for a number of years to come.

We started of sanding this Granwood block floor using a 40 grit sanding, followed by a 6o grit and 100 grit sanding belt. We then sanded the edges level with the rest of the Granwood blocks. The blocks were then buffed with a 120 sand screen mesh to leave the floor scratch free and super smooth ready for sealing.

We then applied 3 coats of Granwax Granguard to the flooring ensuring to de nib the floor in between coats.

Peak Flooring have the latest dust extraction and floor sanding machines that enable us to sand and refurbish school Granwood block flooring dust free. If the correct machinery isn’t used when sanding Granwood floors then there will be a large amount of very fine dust in the air.

Granwood Block Flooring

Peak Flooring have sanded and restored a large number of Granwood block floors all over the country and we consider ourselves specialists due to the techniques used and the machinery that we have invested in. It is also quite easy to ruin a Granwood floor as the blocks aren’t as thick as some contractors think and can be over sanded quite easily.

Every few years it is recommended to apply an additional 2 coats of Granguard to the floor to help protect the blocks, maintain a high level of grip and also give a new look to the floor again.

Choose a reputable Granwood flooring contractor like Peak Flooring and have a hassle free service from start to end with no mess or dust either.