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Pine Floorboard Sanding In Hitchin

20131005-115827.jpg  20131005-115953.jpg

This is a job we did for a returning customer who wanted floor sanding in Hitchin. We had previously floor sanded spruced wood hallway and a pine floorboard bedroom. This time it was time to floor sand the living room pine floorboards.

As you can see from the pictures above the difference that has been made by our floor sanding Hitchin services. In the before picture you can see that there is a dark bit that runs around the edges. We were able to remove this when sanding the floorboards to leave a uniform colour.

We first started of by sanding the floorboards with a 36 grit belt to level out the floorboards. We next used a 50 grit belt, followed by an 80 grit belt to get the dust we needed to fill the gaps I between the floorboards. We then sanded down the edges with the Bona Edger to blend the edges into the rest of the floor. After the sanding was completed we next filled the gaps in using the 80 grit sanding dust and Lecol epoxy resin. We filled the gaps twice to help against shrinkage. After we had filled in the gaps, we the. Sanded the floor again with a 100 grit sanding belt to remove any excess resin filler. We added again with a8″ grit sanding disk followed by us buffing the floorboards with 120 grit disks on our Powerdrive sanding machine.

We then began to seal the floor using Junckers Base Prime for the first coat, followed by 3 coats of Junckers Strong semi gloss. We also made sure we buffed in between coats of lacquer with a 150 grit sanding mesh to ensure the smoothest finish for this floor sanding project in Hitchin.