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Parquet Floor Sanding In Essex

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This job was oak parquet floor sanding in Essex that had just been laid. These oak parquet blocks were lifted up from the hallway and laid in this study/office area by the decorator and we were asked to come and sand the parquet blocks level and finish them. There was lots of work involved in the leveling of the floor with a 24 grit sanding belt which we had to pass over 3 times to get the parquet floor level.

After we had the parquet floor in Essex more or less level we then sanded the parquet flooring with a 36 grit sanding belt. We then sanded the floor with a 50 grit sanding belt followed by an 80 grit sanding belt. After every pass we made with the belt sander we made sure to alternate the direction of sanding to make sure we left the floor flat and level. We then sanded down the edges and blended them in using a an edging sander.

We then used the dust that was collected from the 80 grit sanding process and mixed it with an epoxy resin to make a paste. This paste was then troweled over the floor filling in any small gaps in between the blocks.

The next step of this parquet floor sanding in Essex project was to finish it with our Bona Flexisand Power Drive sanding machine. We used 60 grit sanding disks to enable us to remove every last scratch from the floor, remove any excess filler and blend the edges in better. We then sanded the whole floor again with 100 grit sanding disks followed by a 120 grit sand screen mesh to leave the floor super smooth and have a glass like appearance to it.

We then sealed this floor with 1 coat of Junckers Base Prime and 2 coats of Junckers Strong semi gloss. As you can see from the pictures above that our parquet floor sanding in Essex services can achieve on any parquet flooring.

Parquet Floor Sanding Essex

It’s amazing to think that this parquet floor was originally laid 100 years ago in the hallway and it has been lifted and re laid in another room in the house and brought back to its former glory by Peak Flooring.

If you have a parquet floor sanding job in Essex that needs doing then why not get in contact with us.

Small piece of the history of Essex: Essex is situated north east of London and gets its name from “The Kingdom Of Essex”. It is also home of the oldest recorded town called “Colchester” which was originally known as “Camulodunum” in roman times.