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Parquet Block Floor Sanded In London

Parquet After SandingParquet Before sanding

Here is a parquet flooring project we undertook in North London. This floor had sadly been sanded by a builder previously and not only did they sand it badly, leaving dips and gouge marks in it, but they also decided to fill all the gaps in between the blocks with cement!

Gap Filling Parquet BlocksAs you can see from the picture to the left that we did scape out as much of the cement as possible and begin to fill it in the correct manor with very fine dust and epoxy resin filler. Filling any parquet floor will alwyas make it look better as it will make the floor look seamless as all of the gaps and joints have been filled.

We also stained this floor with a light oak stain to try and take out some of the orange that some pine floors have. We then finished the floor with 2 coats of Junckers Strong semi gloss.

As you can see from the images above what a difference that floor sanding can make to almost any floor. We were able to completely change the look of this parquet block floor and level it out to make it easier and better to walk on.

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