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Ludlow Junior Granwood Floor Sanding Southampton

After Granwood Floor SandingBefore Granwood Floor Sanding

Peak Flooring were asked to undertake this Granwood floor sanding project in Southampton for Ludlow Junior School. This floor is made up of dark oak Granwood blocks that are barely visible through the amount of layers of bourne seal and polish applied over the years. The floor was also very un-level for Granwood flooring that is normally very flat, making the job harder still.

From the images above you can see what a difference our dust free Granwood floor sanding service can achieve to almost any floor that is dull and looking like it has come to the end of its life.

We started off sanding the floor with a harsh grit sanding belts to remove the layers of bourne seal and also to begin leveling the floor a bit. We then moved onto a medium grit sand paper to start smoothing the Granwood blocks and removing the scratches from the previous pass with the harsh belt. We then followed this with a fine sanding belt of 100 grit to leave the floor smooth. We then buffed the floor with a 120 grit sanding mesh to leave the block flooring scratch free and smooth.

Granwood Block Repairs

We repaired some of the Granwood blocks that were damaged before finishing the sanding process of the floor so they could be sanded down level. Some of the divots in the blocks we filled with the matching colour Granwood grout and other we replaced the whole block with the matching block.

Sealing The Floor

We sealed the floor with the recommended Granwax Granguard, applying 3 coats. Granguard is a very hard wearing, high grip polyurethane lacquer that has a high gloss finish to it.

It is important to have good maintenance on a school hall floor due to it being a high traffic area. Resealing the floor is important to keep the correct amount of lacquer on the floor to aid grip, protect it and also to keep it looking in tip top condition.