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Junckers Sports Flooring

Junckers sports flooring is 1 of the best floor coverings for multi use sports halls and is recommended by many different sports organisations for their specific sport. Wood flooring is probably the most economical and long lasting sports floor that you can get because wooden sports flooring can be sanded and restored.

Junckers sports flooring comes with a 25 year guarantee if installed by and maintained by a Junckers Approved Contractor. Peak Flooring are a Junckers Approved Contractor and can make sure your flooring is part of the 25 year guarantee and probably make it last a lot longer than that. Getting a sports floor resealed regularly will prevent sanding, increase grip and prolong the life of it.

Junckers Sylva Sport is beech tongue and groove solid wood flooring, that has a lowered tongue. This means that the tongue in below the middle of the boards depth, which makes it possible to sand it more times before it needs to be replaced.

Junckers Sports Flooring InstalledBefore Installation

How We Install Junckers Sports Flooring

The images above are a before and after of a sports hall that we installed Junckers Beech Sylva sports flooring. The base was a cracked and worn Granwood floor which was an excellent base for installing a sprung sports floor over.

We first applied a liquid dpm to to the base to make sure that correct moisture content was achieved. We used Lecol PU280 as they dpm even though the floor already had a dpm.

We next laid out the Junckers Blubat battens at the correct width and distance from the walls a began to face nail the first 2 rows as per the installation guide. Once we had laid the first 2 rows we began to fit the rest of the sports flooring leaving a 1.5mm spacer joint in between each 5 rows to enable space for the expansion of the floor. We used a secret nailer to install the flooring making sure to hide all the nails. Once we reached the end of the room we face nailed the last 3 rows, punched the nails down and filled over the top to hide the nail heads. We next installed Junckers skirting and made ramps at the doorways due to the floor be 70mm.

The new sports flooring was now installed and we needed to install the court markings. We abraided the floor using a rotary sander and then painted on a scaled down basketball court, and 5 a side D’s. Once the court marking paint had dried we then abraided them and applied 1 coat of Junckers HP Sport to protect the lines and flooring more.

After installing this sports floor we left another happy customer. The only concern they now had was that the walls now needing painting as the floor looked so nice.