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Junckers HP Commercial Vs Bona Traffic – What’s The Difference

If you are looking for a great hard wearing lacquer for any high traffic area either in your home or in a commercial wooden floor then you will not go wrong using either Junckers HP Commercial or Bona Traffic. These two lacquers are the 2 part mixes that are harder wearing than Junckers Strong or Bona Mega. Choosing between the two lacquers is like choosing between your best Nan. they both offer great self levelling components and very hard wearing capabilities.

Both of these lacquers will leave a superb, durable finish on any wooden floor. They are made by the two big giants in the floor sanding industry and are similarly priced. Junckers HP Commercial is slightly cheaper, but that does not mean that it is inferior. junckers lacquers tend to be slightly cheaper on all their floor sanding lacquers compared to Bona.

Floor sanders will normally have a preference on Bona Traffic or Junckers HP Commercial, but for the end user it doesn’t really matter. Floor sanders normally use one of the two manufacturers for every wooden floor project. the reason being either price or just what they are used to using. Different floor sanding companies will swear by either Bona or Junckers products, but in reality they are the same.

The price of Junckers HP Commercial and Bona traffic is normally between £65 – 90, but if you look in our floor sanding shop you will find it at the best price on line to my belief.

It is possible to apply these lacquers yourself by reading the manufacturers instructions, but you will normally get a better finish if you use a floor sanding professional.

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