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Inn On The Park St Albans Parquet Floor Restoration

Over the past couple of days / nights we have restored the parquet block floor at Inn On The Park in St Albans. The floor was worn in the high traffic areas and worn right down to the wood. As you can see from the pictures we completely transformed the floor and gave the room a new look.

Parquet Floor AfterParquet Floor Before

We worked through the night to get floor sanded ready for lacquering the next day to make sure the business was closed for the minimum amount of time. We were also told upon completion of the job that all the staff wanted to lay on the floor. I take it this is because the floor looks so nice and smooth. This was a nice comment to hear about our floor sanding.

We finished the parquet floor using our 4D drive board to make sure the blocks were left super smooth. We then applied 1 coat of Junkcers Prelak and 2 coats of Junckers HP Commercial using an un-weighted T bar. We believe that the lacquer that was used previously was of poor quality or not applied correctly due to the way it has worn away.

This floor should last longer than it did previously because we have used Junckers HP Commercial. Also with the correct maintenance, cleaning and resealing in place, the wooden floor should not need sanding for 10 years or so.

Getting a your parquet flooring restored can completely change a rooms appearance and add warmth to the space. having a beautiful parquet floor can also add value to your property for a fraction of the price. If you have a wooden floor that is in need of restoring or floor sanding then why not get in touch with us for a free quote and advice.