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How To Stain A Wooden Floor

Oak Wooden Floor Stained & SealedStaining a wooden floor is the method of changing the colour of the wooden floors surface. There are a couple of ways in which you can stain a wooden floor such as by hand or by using a rotary buffer machine.

There are a number of different staining products on the market from solvent based to oil based stains. Different wood floor stains have different advantages and disadvantages. Oil based stains you generally have to leave them for longer before being able to apply any lacquer over the top, but they tend to be easier to use, look nicer and you will not get any overlap marks. Solvent based wood floor stains tend to dry quicker letting you apply the lacquer sooner, but they tend to be harder to use as you will need to work quicker with them to prevent overlap marks. A good oil based floor stain is Bona Create and a good solvent based stain is Morrells.

Sanding The Floor Before Staining

Whenever you are going to be staining a wooden floor that you are sanding then it is so important that the floor sanding is completed to the highest standard. If there is any scratches, belt marks, dips or even parts of the floor that have been finished to a different grit finish, then it will show up once you apply the stain to the floor. When a wooden floor gets stained it will really show how good your sanding is, because any small fault or scratch will show up.

How To Stain A Wooden Floor?

When staining any wooden floor make sure to tape up the skirting boards, doors, door frames and anything else that is touching the floor to prevent any stain going on them. You can use 25mm masking tape, but 50mm masking tape tends to be better. Always remember to work the stain into the wood before wiping it off.

Staining A Wooden Floor With A Rotary Buffer

Staining A Wooden Floor With A BufferWhen staining a wooden floor with a rotary buffer you should use a red pad on the bottom. When starting off it is best to place the pad on the floor and fill the hole in the middle of the pad up with the stain. Then place the buffer over the top of the pad and begin to move the buffer from side to side working the stain into the wood. Keep going over the stained patch of the floor until there is hardly any excess stain left. Then you can either add more stain to the small hole in the center of the pad, or you can simply pour the stain on the floor and move the buffer over it. Keep working the stain into the wooden flooring until the whole floor is covered and there hardly any excess stain left on the floor.

The buffer will not reach right up into the corners so use a clean rag and rub some stain into the edges, making sure to blend them in tot he rest of the floor. Try and stain the edges as you are moving along the room with the buffer so you don’t have to walk over the floor you have just stained.

When the whole wooden floor is stained, leave it for 30 minutes and then put an oiling rag on the red pad on the buffer and go over the whole floor, removing any excess stain that was left when applying it. Make sure to rub off any excess from the edges too.

Now it is just a case of sealing the floor.

Staining A Wooden Floor By Hand

Oak Parquet Stained
Staining a floor by hand is lots of hard work. To stain a wooden floor by hand you will normally paint the stain on using a paint brush or roller depending on the size of the room you are doing. Once you have applied the stain to the wooden floor you will need to rub/work the stain in. At the same time you will be rubbing off any excess so it is like a 2 in 1 process. Leave the floor for 30 minutes and then rub off any excess.

Once the wooden floor has been stained you now just need to seal the floor. If you have used an oil based stain then you will normally have to wait 12 – 24 hours before applying the seal over the top. If you have used a solvent based stain then you can begin sealing after 1 – 12 hours.

At Peak Flooring our preferred method is to use 1 coat of Bona Prime Intense followed by 2 coats of Bona Mega or Bona Traffic HD. This will finish of the floor, make it look beautiful and compliment the wood floor staining.

It is also possible to stain/colour a wooden floor using different colour oils and lye. This will give the floor a two toned effect as the different oils and lyes take to different feature in  the wood grain. Click here to find out more.

Hopefully that has answered the question about “how to stain a wooden floor?”