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How To Remove Stains On Wood Flooring?

Q. I had wood flooring installed in 2003. For the past two years, I have stored potted plants on the floor, and between them and a Christmas tree, there are now big dark circles around the wood. Is there a way to take out the stains? Do I need to bring in an expert floor cleaner? Or even do the boards have to be replaced?

A. If the unsightly stains aren’t too deep, a company that specializes in refinishing hardwood floors might be able to sand them off. “In most cases, we can’t tell until we fine sand whether that will function,” said Arron Smith, owner of Peak Flooring in Hertfordshire ( “If sanding is not working, only then do we would have to replace the actual pieces.”

Floor refinishing businesses typically give totally free estimates but have minimum charges for just about any work. Prices differ a lot, with some companies having a relatively reduced minimum-fee charge but a higher square-foot price for sanding and refinishing, while others have charges that work in the opposite way. For example, Renaissance costs a £350 minimum, with a square-foot fee of $3 along with a board replacement fee of £20 per piece.

Many flooring refinishing companies don’t do spot repairs because it’s easy to get an even sheen only by refinishing the floor in the entire space. However, if your budget is tight and you aren’t super-picky, ask around for a floor refinisher or even a handyman who’s willing to deal only with the damaged area. Or obtain a few potted plants (along with leak-proof containers this time) and hang them over the stained areas.