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How To Clean Wooden Flooring

Cleaning is often annoying, but at the same time it’s something we need to do to maintain a clean house and in this case, a clean wooden floor. Cleaning has many benefits other than just looking nice, such as better health and making your furniture and flooring last longer.

How To Clean A Wooden Floor?

There are a number of ways to clean wooden flooring such as dry cleaning, wet/damp cleaning and deep cleaning. We are going to focus mainly on dry and wet cleaning and leave the deep cleaning for a new topic.

The most important part of wooden floor cleaning is to keep it free from dust and grit as this will act as an abrasive and wear away the top layer of finish/lacquer. Sweeping the floor is classed as dry cleaning. This should be performed on a daily basis ensuring that all grit is removed from the wooden floor. This may sound tedious, but will save you money in the long run and also make your floor keep it beauty for longer.

Now we move on to wet mopping the floor. Wet mop cleaning a wooden floor should be carried out on a weekly basis. Wet mopping can sometimes ruin your wood floors if there is too much water added to it. This is often the biggest mistake that home owner and cleaners make when cleaning a wooden floor. If too much water is used when cleaning a hardwood or softwood floor then the water will soak into the wood and make it expand leaving the boards cupped.

There is a product on the market now called the Bona Spray Mop which is a micro fibre cloth mop that has a spray bottle attached to the handle. This allows the user to spray the correct amount of cleaning solution onto the floor, making sure that the floor does not receive too much water.

Cleaning Solutions

There are a number of different cleaning solutions that can be used to clean a wooden floor, but it is normally best to use the cleaner that is recommended by the manufacturer of the flooring or floor lacquer. If you have had your floor sanded or restored in the past then you will probably know what type of finish you have on the floor e.g Bona, Junckers or other manufacturers finish. You will also need to know what type of finish you have as well. Do you have lacquered, oiled or a hardwax oiled floor. Different cleaning solution will be needed for these different floors. All of these floors can be cleaned using the Bona Spray Mop.

For cleaning lacquered floors there is either Bona Cleaner or Junckers Sylva Cleaner. This will work perfectly with your lacquered floors. Of course use the Bona Cleaner for Bona lacquered floors and Junckers Sylva Cleaner for Junckers lacquered floors.

To clean oiled or hardwax oiled floors then you will need use Bona Soap. Bona soap is great for any oiled floor to use as a weekly cleaner or to use before topping up the wooden floor with another coat of oil.

Below is a video explaining how to set up and clean wooden flooring using the Bona Spray Mop.

So there you go. Now you hopefully have the knowledge on how to clean a wooden floor from start to finish. This is one of the best ways of maintaining your wooden floor.