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A Guide To Gym Floor Refinishing

You don’t have much time for a complete gym floor refurbishment? Then, choosing gym floor refinishing is the best option for you. There are times when wooden floors do not need much repairs. However the accumulated dirt and wearing out of the top coat make the floor old and unattractive. It is then you need to refinish the old seal and coats on the wooden flooring.

Decide whether you need to refinish the floor

Often years of wear and tear causes the floor in a gym to lose luster. However, sanding it down to raw wood may not always be the best option. Floors that are scuffed, lightly scratched, and dull can be polished back to its lost glory if refinishing work is done on them. Often in scratched floors the damage is down to the coats and wood beneath is not affected. So, you can renew the flooring with cleaning and a fresh coat of polyurethane sealant over the old coats of seal. The gym flooring would need to be deep cleaned and abraided enough to give the best surface for the new coats of gym floor sealant as explained below.

Preparing for gym floor refinishing

For a floor refinishing project you need to prepare the floor before the actual coating is done. At first you need to clean the floor thoroughly. There might be a lot of accumulated dust on the old floors. The refinishing contractor you are hiring should use the right methods for cleaning the floors. Secondly, the deep scratches and rough areas in the floors should be touched-up. A bit of sanding may be required so that the new coat of sports sealant should adhere well. A gym floor refinishing contractor might spend an entire day preparing the floor for refinishing. The actual refinishing work might take just half a day.

Refinishing is cost-effective

As refinishing takes less time, it is less costly too. However, it requires less labor than a full-fledged scaling, sanding, replacement of planks, and new wood plank installations. Moreover, refinishing work is not messy so reorganizing everything in the gym won’t be much of a hassle. So, you can clean the entire gym easily after a refinishing work is done there. There is another reason why refinishing is better than sanding the floors down to bare wood – wood is not lost in the process. Every time sanding is done, a layer of wood is lost. Thus, overtime, the planks used for the flooring might become thin and damaged. You can avoid that with regular maintenance and refinishing once in a while.

When refinishing might not work?

When there is a substantial damage caused to the floors, you may have to go for complete floor replacement and restoration. Moreover, polishing with polyurethane will not work if the old floor has an old-fashioned varnish, wax, or shellac finish. There are certain types of coatings which need to be removed before applying a fresh new coat. You can also use wax from time to time on the flooring to restore the shine. You can ask for suitable suggestions and recommendations on floor refinishing from a reputed flooring contractor. Remember, choosing a suitable gym floor refinishing contractor matters a lot in getting the project done perfectly.

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