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Greenfield Community Center Sports Hall Floor Sanding

sports hall floor sanding

Here is a sports hall floor we sanded and sealed just outside St Albans. This floor had been sanded and sealed very badly by the previous company who didn’t get paid. the court markings were also coming off as there was no sports lacquer over the top of them.

We sanded this Junckers Sylva Sport wooden floor back to bare wood removing all of the court markings and old lacquer, leaving a nice new, level playing surface. We then applied 1 coat of Junckers Prelak and 1 coat of Junckers HP Sport. We then marked out the court markings on the floor and applied the last coat of Junckers HP Sport to it the next day once the lines had dried.

The sports hall floor now looks beautiful and is ready for many more years of wear and tear from playing sports and also the weddings and parties that are held in the hall.

Peak Flooring have set up a floor maintenance contract with the community center to reseal the hall flooring every 18 months to ensure that the floor lasts as long as possible.

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