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Granwood Sports Hall Floor Repairs & Reseal

Granwood Sports Hall Repairs AfterGranwood Sports Hall Repairs Before

Granwood sports hall floor repairs will need to be carried out at some time or another to keep the sports flooring safe, maintain a high level of grip and protect the floor. On this Granwood sports hall flooring we needed to replace some blocks that had crumbled away as well as repair an expansion joint. We will also be resealing the sports floor to add grip and protect the floor.

Granwood Repairs

The main Granwood repair was down the center expansion joint, where there had been some movement and this had made some of the blocks crumble and crack. We first removed all of the cracked and crumbled Granwood blocks and replaced them with new ones. We then used the some colour grout as the blocks and filled in joints and expansion joint. The blocks were then sanded down level to the rest of the hall floor.

Granwood Sports Floor Resealing

When resealing a Granwood sports hall floor it is essential to get the floor as clean as possible, otherwise when you seal the floor the dirt will be locked in between the coats of seal. this will notice most on white badminton court lines. Peak Flooring use special chemicals and techniques to get the sports floor as clean as can be and to the correct ph for resealing. Once the floor is clean and at the correct ph, it is then time to buff (key) the floor with a 150 grit sanding mesh. Now it is just a case of applying two coats of Granwax Granguard to the floor.

As you can see from the images at the top of the page the difference our Granwood sports hall floor repairs and resealing can make to your hall flooring. Just from cleaning and resealing can change a dull looking floor to look almost as good as new and at the same time protecting the Granwood blocks from wear and damage.

Peak Flooring specialise in all types of sports hall floor maintenance on many different surfaces. Why not get in touch with us so we can transform your sports hall floors.