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Granwood School Corridor Floor Sanding

Granwood coridoor floor sanding afterwardsgranwood floor coridoors before sanding

Here is one of the large corridors that Peak Flooring sanded and sealed at Giles Academy in Lincolnshire. The school was located in a village just outside of Boston. The floor now looks almost new and have gave the corridors and new fresh look. We were pleased to take on this job as we really liked the pattern and different coloured Granwood blocks used.

These Granwood floor corridors were sealed with 3 coats of Granwax Granguard, making sure that they withstand the constant, heavy use corridors receive on a daily basis.

We have now recommended that the floor is resealed every few years to ensure the floor is kept protected and will not need sanding for a longer period of time. We always recommend resealing rather than sanding Granwood floors as the blocks are fairly thin and can only be sanded a number of times. Regular maintenance on a Granwood floor is essential, even more so than on a wooden floor.