At Peak Flooring we are specialists in the restoration and refurbishment of Granwood Flooring and Gransprung sports floors. Granwood sports flooring has been used for many years in sports halls and schools. The first Granwood floor was laid in 1912, so Granwood floors have been around for 100 years. Granwood floor blocks come in many different shades, colours and designs.

Granwood Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Granwood sports hall refurbishmentAt Peak Flooring we have many years experience in Granwood sports floor refurbishment. Sports hall floors need to be maintained just like any other sports floors. They need to be resealed regularly to protect the floor, court markings and keep optimum grip for playing sports. After many years of use the Granguard seal becomes yellow and a dull colour. When this has happened it is then necessary to sand of all of the layers of Granguard seal and court markings from the floor. We will also carry out any Granwood floor repairs to the blocks that are damaged and cracked. The floor is then sanded to a very smooth finish taking care not to sand too much off the top of the blocks. We then repaint on any court markings and reseal the floor with 3 coats of Granguard seal. When Granwood flooring is sanded, it creates lots of very fine dust. To counteract this we use high powered dust extraction units to prevent dust being airbourne creating a hazard and dirt everywhere. Some times with Granwood floor refurbishment the blocks might have been sanded too much, leaving the blocks too thin to sand the floor. When this occurs there are a couple of options from filling the Granwood floor blocks if there are any small holes that appear after sanding, or to have a new Granwood floor installed.

Below is a before and after of a Granwood sports hall floor that we fully refurbished. This floor was heavily sealed and took lots of extra work to achieve this finish.

Granwood Sports Flooring After Refurbishment Granwood Sports Flooring Before Refurbishment

Granwood Floor Repairs

We repair Granwood flooring from just one block to a whole large section. The correct colour floor block will be used with the repair so it does not look out of place. We will then sand the Granwood floor repairs level with the rest of the sports floor and then reseal the repairs. We use all Granwax floor products to ensure the best standards for you Granwood sports floor.

Granwood School Flooring

Lots of school halls have Granwood flooring in there assembly halls. These also need to be maintained and refurbished. School flooring gets lots of wear and tear due hundreds of students walking over it daily and school desks and chairs being scrapped over the floor during exam times. It is recommended that school floors are resealed regularly to make the life of the floor blocks last longer. We install as well as refurbish all types of school flooring whether it be Granwood Floor, Wooden Floor or vinyl floor. For school floor maintenance we are the only company you need for expert advice and workmanship. All of our engineers are CRB checked and are used to working in schools as we have completed many school, college and university Granwood flooring projects throughout the UK.

Granwood Sports Hall Floor Reseal

It is important to reseal Granwood sports floors to maintain optimum grip to the playing surface. If the Granguard floor seal wears thin then the Granwood floor blocks will start to get damaged easily as they are exposed to lots of sports traffic. Granwood sports floor reseal is a cost effective way to protect and maintain the best playing surface for your customers. We recommend having your Granwood floor resealed every few years depending on the amount of traffic and/or the cleaning schedule follwed. If the floor is cleaned regularly from dust, then the seal will last longer thus saving you money in between reseal schedules.

Granwood Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

For Granwood floor maintenance it is best to keep the floor free from any dirt and abrasive materials. Granwax themselves sell special mats for this called Granwax Dirt Control Matting. The floor should then be regularly swept for any dirt and dust. We recommend using Granwax Sportsclean to clean and maintain the floor with a scrub/dryer machine as this will clean all grease and dirt off the floor. Once the floor is clean it will then have much more grip for sports to be played and the Granwood floor will have more of a shine to it. Floor resealing is also part of Granwood floor maintenance as this protects the floor.

Please take a look through the rest of our site as we have many sports flooring services that may suit your need. We have many services from squash court refurbishment to court markings and wood floor restoration.

At Peak Flooring we carry out all of our Gransprung/Granwood flooring refurbishment and Granwood floor repairs ourselves. We do not sub contract the work out to other companies.