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Granwood Floor Sanding

If you have Granwood flooring then at some point you will need a Granwood floor sanding company to restore it back to its former glory. Peak Flooring specialise in sanding Granwood and Gransprung sports floors with a large portfolio of different restorations we have completed. We have sanded Granwood flooring that is in sports halls, community centers, school halls, gyms and corridors as well as a number of different designs, patterns and colours.

Many people associate Granwood floor sanding with lots of dust and mess which with some companies may be true, but not with Peak Flooring. We have invested in a number of specialised dust extractors which keep any dust to a minimum, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Granwood Floor Sanding AfterGranwood Floor Sanding Before

The pictures above show a gym floor that we sanded in a school in Peterborough. We are really happy with the results due to the floor now being flat, shiny, slip free and completely transformed.

Sanding Granwood flooring is a specialist job and should only be completed by a competent company such as Peak Flooring. Incorrect sanding can completely damage the blocks as they are not as thick as wood and delicate when not lacquered.

How We Go About Granwood Floor Sanding

When ever we are contracted to sand a Granwood floor, we will always carry out any block repairs prior to sanding. Once the blocks have dried we will level them to the rest of the floor and begin to sand. When Granwood floor sanding always try to take off as little as possible from the blocks as they are fairly thin and can begin to crumble when over sanded and also change colour.

To complete the floor in the images shown above we began on medium to harsh sanding belt to level the floor and remove the dirt, grime and chipped off layers of seal that had built up over 30 years. We next moved on to a medium sanding belt, followed by a fine sanding belt to leave the floor smooth. Once we were finished with the belt sander we then sanded the edges down and buffed the whole floor to leave it silky smooth, scratch free and ready for lacquering.

We then applied 1 coat of Granwax Granguard and when that was dry we abraided the floor ready for the court markings. The court markings we painted on were a badminton court and 2 5 a side D’s. Once the paint was dry we then abraided the court markings and applied 2 more coats of Granguard. This left the floor with a high gloss finish, hard wearing surface and very happy customers.

Now that your Granwood flooring has been restored it is a good idea to maintain it and keep it clean. Here is a good guide to cleaning a Granwood floor.