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Granwood Floor Refurbishment At Worthing High School

Granwood sports hall floor after sanding and refurbishmentGranwood sports hall flooring before sanding

Here is a before and after photo of the refurbishment of Worthing High Schools Granwood sports hall floor. As you can see from the pictures the difference that refurbishing a Granwood block floor can make.

Peak Flooring were asked to refurbish the Granwood sports hall flooring and re paint on the court markings as well as the new Fiba 2012 basketball court markings. We then struck a small problem in that the court markings were inlaid resin court markings which do not sand away like the alternative painted ones. This was fine as we could simply paint over the existing lines for all courts apart from the new Fiba 2012 basketball keys and D’s. We then got a paint that matched the colour of the finished floor and painted over the old style basketball keys and D’s followed by painting on the new style keys and D’s.

granwood floor being sealedIn this picture here you can see the floor being sealed with the first of three coats of Granwax Granguard. The difference one coat makes is amazing as you can see the colour changing as it gets sealed here. After the first coat of seal we then started painting on all of the sports court markings the following day  after buffing and keying the newly sealed Granwood blocks.

All that was left to do once the sports court markings had dried was to buff and abraid the floor/line markings, vacuum the whole floor and apply the last two coats of Granwax Granguard.

Peak Flooring completed this project completely dust free using the latest in dust free technology connected up to our floor sanding machines. This does not have to be a messy job if Peak Flooring undertake any Granwood floor sanding in your school halls or sports centres.