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Granwood Floor Cleaning

Granwood floor cleaning is an essential part of Granwood floor maintenance to prolong the life of your floor. Cleaning a Granwood floor will not only make it look nicer, but will actually improve grip and minimise the time in between scheduled reseal. The main type of cleaning for any lacquered floor it to sweep or vacuum the floor to remove any grit that can act as an abrasive and wear away the top surface. Depending on the usage that the floor gets it will also need a wet clean with Granwood floor cleaning products.

Day To Day Cleaning

For day to day wet cleaning of a Granwood floor it is recommended to use either Granwax Low Foam Swift or Granwax Sportsclean to remove any grease and marks on the floor. These cleaning products can be used in either a mop and bucket or a scrubber dryer machine. If there are any scuff marks or stubborn stains that do not come out then it is possible to use the product neat and/or use a rotary buffer machine to remove the mark.

It is sometimes recommended to use Granwax Neutrasol after cleaning with either of these products above. It is also recommended to sweep or vacuum the floor prior to wet cleaning of a Granwood floor.

Deep Clean & Reseal Of A Granwood Floor

To deep clean and reseal a Granwood floor some additional Granwax floor cleaning products will be needed. To deep clean a Granwood floor it is best to use either Granwax Low Foam Swift or Granwax Lift Off. Spread the cleaning solution on to the floor and begin to clean using a buffer to remove any marks and dirt. Once the marks have gone and the flooring is clean, the water can either be mopped up or sucked up using a machine. If cleaning a large area such as a Granwood sports hall floor, then it is best to work in smaller areas such as a badminton court at a time.

Next you will need to clean the whole floor again using Granwax Neutrasol at the same ratio used with the previous cleaning products. This will leave the floor at the correct PH for sealing.

You will next need to abraid the floor for the lacquer to stick to it better. This can be done using a 150 grit sand screen mesh. Once the whole floor is abraided and clean it is next time to reseal the floor.

Using Granwax Granguard apply 1-2 coats to leave a beautiful, protected high gloss finish to your Granwood flooring. A deep clean and reseal should be carried out every 2-5 years dependant upon usage.

If you have a Gransprung floor then the same cleaning methods apply.