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Floor Sanding Welwyn Garden City

Floor Sanding Welwyn Garden City after

Floor Sanding Welwyn Garden City Before


Pine floor sanding in Welwyn Garden City that Peak Flooring also stained with Bona Create Earth. The images above show what a difference floor sanding and staining can make to pine floorboards. Old tired pine floorboards can be transformed by floor sanding into a beautiful new looking floor that looks more expensive than it actually is.

We first began sanding the floor in Welwyn Garden City using a 36 grit sanding belt to level out and the floorboards and to remove any scratches on indents there was. Once we had removed all the imperfections on the floor we then began sanding the floor with a 50 grit sanding belt followed by a 80 grit sanding belt. Once the belt sanding was complete in Welwyn Garden City, we then needed to sand the edges down using our edger with a 36 grit disk followed by a 60 grit and then finished on an 80 grit disk.

Now the bulk of the floor sanding was complete we then needed to smooth the floor off and remove any scratches using our Flexisand Power Drive sanding machine. We first used 60 grit sanding disks to remove any scratches left from the belt sander or edger and to blend the edges into the rest of the floor. After this we then passed over the floorboards again with 100 grit sanding disks. We followed this by sanding the floorboards again using a 120 grit sanding mesh.

The floor was now ready for the staining that was needed. As said above, we used Bona Create Earth for the stain and we used a Bona Buffer to apply the stain to the pine floorboards in Welwyn. Using a buffer to apply the stain to the floor will make it much easier, quicker and give a better overall finish to the floor. Once the floor had been stained and left for 24 hours, we then passed over the floor with a clean oil rag to remove any excess stain from the floor.

It was now time to start sealing the floor. We sealed the floor with 1 coat of Bona Prime Intense and 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD. With all of these products and the techniques used by Peak Flooring we were able to to achieve this absolutely beautiful finish to these pine floorboards.

Floor Sanding Welwyn Garden City

If you need floor sanding in Welwyn Garden City then why not get in contact with us as we are just up the road from you. We can advise you on the best options, and products for your wood flooring.

Some local history: Welwyn Garden City was built shortly after the first world war. It was a great place to live free from the congested and busy city. This new town allowed people to have larger gardens and more space in their homes when compared to the city of London. There is a population of 42 000 people to date and this is growing.