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Floor Sanding & Staining In Letchworth Hertfordshire

After Sanding & StainingAfter Sanding 7 Before Staining

This is a pine floor sanding and staining job we carried out in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. We were asked to sand the floor back to bare wood, fill in a few holes to stop spiders coming up from underneath the floor and to stain it with Bona Create Earth. After we had applied the Bona Earth stain, we then applied a coat of Bona intense Prime, followed by 2 coats of Bona Mega.

Pine Floor Before Sanding To the left you can see the floor as we were half way through the first cut of a 36 grit sanding belt. Above is the images of after sanding and the finished project. As you can see from the images that the floor looks amazing. Bona Create Earth is a great choice when sanding and refinishing pine floor boards. There are other options when sanding and restoring pine floor boards such as the Nordic Lye treatments, but this is for another topic all together.

Staining pine floor boards is normally the best option as most pine floors will have different types of pine boards in them, resulting in many different types of pine colours over the floor. Staining with a a dark stain will overcome this issue. Staining a wooden floor will also help with the yellowing, or bleaching that is created by sunlight hitting the floor. There is not to many ways around bleaching in a wooden floor, but staining really helps eliminate this problem.

Peak Flooring have a number of different stains and colours that we are able to offer to our clients. It is also possible to mix some of the coloured stains together to achieve a completely unique colour tailored to you individual floor. Please get in contact with us for any inforation regarding staining your wooden floors at home or at your work place.