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Floor Sanding Service At Flackwell Heath Community Center

Maple Floor After SandingMaple Floor Before Sanding

This is what our floor sanding services has achieved at Flackwell Heath Community Center. As you can see from the images above the difference that floor sanding can make to a worn and dirty maple wooden floor. As this is a white maple wooden floor, it is easier to see the damage that happens when the lacquer on the surface wears off and the dirt begins to make it way into the wood grain. The way to protect against this is by having the floor resealed every few years making sure that there is always a sufficient amount of lacquer on the floor.

We also floor sanded an entrance hallway that was in the same condition as this main hall. We were able to complete this job in 3 days including the badminton court markings we painted on.

After we had sanded this floor back to bare wood and smoothed it out it was time to begin sealing the floor. We used Junckers Prelak for the first coat as the primer and we then followed this with two coats of Junckers HP One. We also buffed the floor in between the coats to make sure there was a keyed surface for the next coat to stick to as well as leaving a perfectly smooth finish. The badminton court makings were painted on in between the  second and third coat of lacquer.

Peak Flooring have now set up a maintenance schedule at this location to ensure the floor stays in tip top condition to prevent against further floor sanding. Resealing the floor regularly will keep the wooden floor looking great as well as increasing the time needed between further floor sanding. Sanding any wooden floor will improve the look of the floor, but in the long run it is wearing away the wood and that is why resealing is so important.