Improve your wooden floors with our expert floor sanding and wood flooring restoration services in Hertfordshire, Bournemouth and Dorset.

All wooden floors from Parquet to pine floor boards can be sanded and resealed to restore them back to their original state or transform them into something new.

First of all the old seal and the top layer of wood are sanded off using top quality for machines from Bona, world leaders in the floor sanding industry. The first floor sanding process removes all of the scratches, marks and wear and tear. The second floor sanding process is to start to smooth out the wooden floor using the Bona belt floor sander. Then the final floor sanding process is to buff the wooden floor to achieve an extremely smooth finish using our Bona 4D rotary sander.

After the floor sanding processes are finished we remove any dust left on the wooden floor with high powered vacuums ready to seal the floor. First we use a wood flooring primer from Bona then allow this to dry before buffing the floor again to remove any of the wood grain that has risen, giving it the best preparation for the wood flooring lacquer. We then apply 2 coats of Bona Mega wood flooring lacquer, one of the best seals on the market, unlike some companies that use inferior products and floor sanding machinery to increase their profits.

Gap Filling Hertfordshire, Dorset and Bournemouth

Sometimes it is necessary to fill gaps in wooden floors especially in the case of pine floor boards. There are 2 main ways to fill gaps in between floor boards depending on the size of the gaps and type of wood. Larger gaps which you often find in between pine floor boards can be filled with reclaimed pine slivers before the floor sanding process begins. When the floor sanding process is completed the slivers blend in with the rest of the wood floor.

The second method which can be used on any type of wood flooring, that is more suitable to smaller gaps under 6mm is to use an epoxy resin with the fine wood dust from the floor when floor sanding. This means we can achieve an exact colour match of the existing wood floor. This method is also useful for Parquet flooring as over time gaps can appear.

Gap filling can also be used for to prevent draughts and for noise reduction. It also helps to make the floor more solid and lock it in place. It can also be used just to improve the appearance of the floor. Wood flooring is also a lot easier to clean and maintain if the dirt cannot fall between the boards.

Wood Staining Hertfordshire, Dorset and Bournemouth

Wood Flooring can be stained to give it a new look or to enhance the existing colour. Wood floor staining is especially recommended for transforming pine floor boards to give them a more vibrant or modern look. All woods react differently to staining and it can be a very tricky process. Staining wood flooring can go wrong very easily if not done by professionals using the correct method and products. We ensure the stain is applied evenly to the wooden flooring and worked in using the correct materials. To achieve a rich colour it is sometimes necessary to apply 3 coats. If required we can do a test patch after the floor sanding process to see if you are happy with the result.

What Type Of Wood Can Be Sanded

All types of wooden flooring can be sanded except for laminate flooring. We refurbish Parquet flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered boards and pine floor boards. We can also sand all types of wood such as Oak, Teak, Cherry, Walnut, Pine and Mahogany.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be any dust when floor sanding?

A: No, with our Bona floor sanding machines which pick up 98% of the dust, we achieve a virtually dust free floor sanding service. There are no clouds of dust like with some inferior machines. If required we can use the Bona Dust Care System (DCS), this is an dust extraction unit that picks up 99.7% of the dust.

Q: How long does it take?

A: An average size room in Hertfordshire can normally be sanded and resealed in 1 day. If there is any other work to do such as gap filling or wood staining, this will normally take 2 days. Larger rooms or where there are multiple such as hall ways and dining rooms, the floor sanding process will normally take 2 days.

Q: Can I hire floor sanding equipment and do it myself?

A: Floor Sanding equipment can be hired for DIY use in Hertfordshire, but is generally of an inferior quality. We would advise not to do it yourself unless you really know what you are doing. It takes years of experience to achieve the perfect finish when floor sanding. We regularly sand floors that people have attempted and did not come out right.

The Need For Floor Sanding Hertfordshire, Dorset and Bournemouth

If you have a wooden floor then you will need our floor sanding service at some point when you wood flooring becomes worn and scratched. We can make the most damaged and dirty floors look almost new again restoring it with our specialist floor sanding service. Whether you have solid wood strip floors, laminated wood strip floors, Parquet block floors, Herringbone floors and Pine floor boards. We normally apply 1 coat of wood flooring prime, followed by 2 coats of lacquer with the finish you require (matt, semi-gloss or high gloss). We can apply as many coats of lacquer as you require. You may need more than 2 coats of lacquer in high traffic areas when we finish the floor sanding process’ as to protect the wood flooring.