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Floor Sanding Machinery & Abrasives

There are a minimum of Four types of sandpaper necessary for the job, and some ground sanding professionals may use up to 7. The 4 are24 grit very coarse sandpaper. 40 grit medium sandpaper. 80 resolution medium- fine sandpaper. 

So rule number two be sure you have correct machinery and the correct fine sand papers to do the job. You may need a professional floor sander a self leveling belt machine 8-10 inch, a 6-8 inch edger sander along with a screen sanding machine. Whenever laying the floor attempt to make sure that there is very little in height difference between obstructs. If there is over 2mm than the will take a lot of time sanding so it’s best to make sure that your sub floor is smooth before installing. 

It has a timeless appeal of high quality and with simple maintenance it is easy to enjoy wood floors that retain their stylishness and appeal for many years. When contemplating regardless of whether wooden floors are worth the investment, consider enhancements in technology that have strengthened the durability and quality elements of hardwoods. This flooring choice is now available for all rooms within a property, including bathrooms, kitchen areas and laundry rooms. The right choice will allow you to have confidence of longevity for your desired option.

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