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Floor Sanding Hitchin – Wood Floor Restoration Services

Hitchin is a very affluent area of Hertfordshire. Therefore it tends to have lots of wooden flooring and parquet floors. Getting the most out of any wood floor that looks tired and worn will need floor sanding Hitchin’s local floor sanders. We have sanded many floors in Hitchin and have lots of happy and returning customers from the area.

To sand a wood strip or parquet floor it is necessary to have the latest dust free floor sanding equipment to make sure that the job gets completed in as little dust as possible and to get the desired finish to you floor. Parquet block flooring requires some additional sanding and specialised techniques to finish it to the highest standards. Some of these techniques are include filling in all of the tiny gaps between the blocks to make the block flooring look seamless between blocks. Also many companies out there will not sand a parquet floor correctly or skip sanding processes and this will only result in leaving your uneven and scratched.

Below is a couple of the latest floors we sanded in Hitchin. 1 being oak parquet and the other being pine floorboards.

Parquet Floor Sanded and restored in Hitchinpine floorboards restored

Wood Floor Restoration Hitchin

We are specialists in wood floor restoration Hitchin as you can see from the above images. If you have a wooden floor then wood floor restoration should be carried out every 5 – 10 years depending on the maintenance and care carried out on your floor. There are also other factors to consider when caring for a  wood floor, such as keeping it clean and free from grit and dirt. If grit and dirt is left on the floor it will wear away the lacquer as it acts as an abrasive. Sweeping your floor daily is perhaps 1 of the most important parts of caring for a wooden floor.

It is possible to sand your floors yourselves, but if you really want the best finish with the least hassle and dust then you really should think about contacting Peak Flooring.

Floor Sanding Hitchin:

If you need a quote, some advice or your flooring restored or sanded back to bare wood, then why not give us a call or email and we will politely help you with your query.