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Floor Sanding Broxbourne

Peak Flooring offer floor sanding in Broxbourne to restore all types of wood flooring. Whether you have solid, engineered or parquet flooring then we can sand and restore it to completely change the look of any room. We have specialist dust free parquet floor sanding machinery and dust extractors to enable us to finish your wooden floor to the highest standards, whilst maintaining a dust free sanding service.

Floor Sanding Broxbourne AfterFloor Sanding Broxbourne Before

The floor above was a tongue and groove pine floor that had been laid though out the downstairs of this house in Broxbourne. The pictures really do not show how beautiful the wood in this floor is.

This floor had been sanded before, probably by a non professional as there was lots of drum marks left from the belt sander that was used. This meant that we had to take off slightly more of the top surface of wood than we normally would do. We used different floor sanding machines to sand this floor as there was some small awkward areas that would be hard to sand using a belt sander (maybe the problem the previous sander had due to where the drum marks were in the floor).

How We Sanded & Finished This Floor

We first started of sanding the floors in the images above using our Bona belt sander as this was a larger area and made sense to use it. We first started off with a course grit sanding belt and cross cut the floor at 45 degress to the grain to remove all the old finish, level the floor and remove the drum marks that were present. After that we used the same course abrasive to pass over the floor with the grain to remove any scratches that were left from cross cutting it. Next we moved to a medium sanding belt to begin smoothing the floor, followed by a fine sanding belt to leave the floor smooth. We also sanded the edges down and blended them in using the Bona edging sander. We then finished the floor using our Bona Flexisand 1.5 rotary sander to leave the floor silky smooth and ready for lacquering.

Pine wood floor restoration afterPine wood floor restoration before

The hallway floor (above) and the kitchen/diner (below) was sanded completely using our Bona Flexisand 1.5 rotary sander as it would have been quite awkward to use a belt sander in these tight areas due to the way the wood flooring was laid. Sanding the floor completely with the Flexisand made life really easy and quick for this floor sanding Broxbourne job.

We started by doing the edge sanding first and then using the Flexisand with the power drive plate attached with a course, medium and fine sanding disks.

To finish this wooden floor we used 1 coat of Junckers Base Prime followed by 2 coats of Junckers Strong. We chose to use Junckers Base Prime as it it solvent based which inhibits grain raise which is a good choice when finishing pine wooden floors. It also shows the grain better than other primers on the market. We made sure to de nib in between each coat to leave the floor super silky smooth.

Upon completing this wooden floor in Broxbourne we left behind not only a complimentary Bona Spray Mop to clean, but also a beautiful floor and a very happy customer.

Diner after sandingKitchen after restoration

If you need wood floor restoration or floor sanding in Broxbourne or the EN10, EN11 postcodes then make sure that you choose a floor sanding company like Peak Flooring that are both Bona Certified and Junckers Approved as well as having all the correct insurances and recommendations to back our standard of work up.