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Floor Cleaning & Floor Reseal In Etz Chaim Synagogue

Granwood Floor Reseal afterKarndean Vinyl Floor Cleaned

This job we were asked to work on 2 separate floors. One was a Granwood block dance floor and entrance hall and the other was a Karndean vinyl floor.

We cleaned the Karndean vinyl floor with our scrubber dryer machine and a buffer, using a green pad to remove all of the black shoe marks that were present. We made the floor look like it was new again after the deep clean.

We also resealed the Granwood block floors with 2 coats of Granwax Granguard Aqua. Before we resealed the floor we had to deep clean the flooring with two different chemicals to make sure the floor was PH neutral ready for the reseal. We then abraided the floor using a 150 grit sand mesh disk to make sure that the lacquer has a a good surface to stick to, as well as removing any further black marks.

We forgot to take any before images of this job, but from the after pictures you can see that the floors now look fresh and clean.