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Community Hall Granwood Floor Refurbished

Granwood Community Hall sanded and refurbished

Here is a Granwood community hall that Peak Flooring have refurbished in Devizes, Wiltshire. This Granwood flooring was in a very bad way when we arrived in that it had no seal on the blocks and had deep gouges in the floor from the DIY job undertaken by the previous staff at the Baptist Church. We were unable to remove every last deep drum mark left from the previous refurbishment, as the Granwood blocks would have then been sanded too much and began to crumble (this is the biggest mistake made by un professional floor sanders).

The community hall floor now looks lovely and has a complete new look because of the floor refurbishment and also the decorating that has taken place in the rest of the room. Peak Flooring have left Sheep Street Baptist Church in Devizes, Wiltshire very happy with there new looking floor. We was able to save them a large sum of money by sanding and sealing the floor instead of having it replaced with either a new Granwood floor or an alternative flooring material such as wood, vinyl, laminate or polyurethane flooring.