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Commercial Floor Sanding In London

Commercial floor sanding is a great way of restoring a wooden floor in a London commercial premises. Commercial floor restoration will normally be on a hardwood such as oak, maple or beech.  Hardwood flooring will last longer than other types of wood flooring due to the hardness of the wood and this is why it is favoured in public buildings.

From the picture below you can see that the floor was badly scratched, yellowed and slightly bare of seal. In the after picture it is quite noticeable the difference we have made to this commercial flooring. We were able to remove nearly every scratch from this floor and there are some close up pictures further down this page that shows this better.

Commercial Floor Restoration Before Commercial Floor Sanding After

The London floor above had been cleaned to aggressively and this had resulted in the water based polyurethane lacquer wearing off and leaving the wood bare and prone to scratching easily. We have now advised on how to clean and care for a commercial wooden floor, making it last a lot longer than it did previously.

Commercial Floor Restoration In London

Below is a close up of the wooden flooring and really shows how scratched it was before we sanded it. Water had also got into the scratches from using too much water when cleaning the floor which is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make when cleaning a wooden floor.

The images below really show the difference floor sanding can make to a wooden floor and that even if you think it may be past it lifespan, it can probably be restored to look as it was when first installed.

After Sanding & Removing Scratches (Close Up) Commercial Floor Restoration Before (Close Up)

We have also advised to get this floor in London resealed regularly to ensure it does not get bare of seal and be prone to scratching again. Getting a wooden floor resealed will in essence top up the floor with a protective layer of water base polyurethane lacquer. If the lacquer/seal gets scratched then it is possible to seal over it with only light sanding to abraid for the lacquer. If the wood gets scratched then more sanding is needed  on the wood and this will always be slightly visible unless the whole floor is sanded. This is why we always advise all of our clients that resealing a wooden floor regularly will in fact save money and keep any public buildings or commercial premises open for longer.

Peak Flooring specialise in commercial floor sanding and restoration moreover we are equipped with the latest dust free floor sanding machines and dust extractors that are suited to sanding large commercial floors with no dust. If you have a wooden floor that is in need of some care and restoration then I’m sure that we can make it look like the pictures above within a few days.