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Cardinal Langley School Floor Sanding Project In Manchester

School Floor Sanding AfterSchool Floor Sanding Before

This is a 57mm Maple school gym floor we were asked to sand at Cardinal Langley School in Rochdale, Manchester. As you can see from the pictures above we have completely transformed this school hall floor with our school floor sanding service.

There was over 30 maple board repairs to carry out on the school hall floor. they boards had either fallen through or had large cracks. Repairing this floor saved the school a lot of money as the only other alternative would be to replace it. We repaired all of the board repairs on the first day. There were single board repairs as well as larger areas of repairs that needed to be carried out and repaired. After we had filled in all the holes in the floor with new maple wood, we then sanded the board repairs level to the rest of the floor and began to sand the floor.

We started on a 24 grit sanding belt sanding at a 45 degrees angle to the maple boards grain. The school hall flooring was quite heavily sealed the old favourite bourne seal. Maple school flooring is a hardwood, which makes it slightly harder to sand. We were glad that the  floor was fairly level as it was so hard it took lots of sanding to remove all the bourne seal and level it completely. We then began smoothing the floor with higher grit sanding belts using the Bona Belt Sander or favourite sander for school floor sanding.

Once we were finished with belt sander we then used our Bona Flexisand Power Drive with 120 grit sanding disks on to remove every last scratch and also leave the floor super smooth like glass and ready for the first coat of seal.

We used Junckers Prelak for the first coat on the school hall floor followed by 2 coats of Junckers HP Commercial. In between coats we also de nibbed the floor to make sure the perfect finish was left on the floor.

This floor is now ready for the daily use it will get as a dance floor by all the pupils at the school.

Peak Flooring are the countries number 1 school floor sanding contractors that carry out a large number of school hall floor restoration projects all over the county all year round. We have lots of references available from previous school flooring projects we have carried out in different counties and councils around the country. We are probably already working with your local council as we have many years experience in school hall floor restoration and repair.