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Bona vs Junckers Lacquers – Wood Floor Finishes

Well that’s the question isn’t it? Bona or Junckers wood floor finishes? 

bona mega lacquerjunckers strong lacquer

There are a number of wood flooring companies offering a variety of different wood floor finishes, but the two biggest names in the game have to be Bona & Junckers. I have heard good and bad reports of both companies wood floor lacquers, but mainly they are good comments and people swearing by their specific product. To be honest I believe that all of the flooring lacquers have the same stuff in more or less.

Both Bona and Junckers have a large range of wood floor finishes from primers, lacquers, and oils. They both have water based and solvent based lacquers, but they mainly focus on the water based lacquers due to the environment, and health and safety reasons.  Both supply sports seals that are endorsed by specific sports governing bodies such as Bona Sportive Finish being FIBA approved. Junckers HP Sport is a great finish for all wooden sports floors especially Junckers SylvaSport sports flooring.

Negative Bona Comments I Have Heard

Some of the negative comments I have heard from the Bona lacquers is that the primer can leave patches that look like they haven’t been primed. I have also heard that it is more susceptible to the temperature and and humidity. I heard that someone primed a floor in the summer when it was humid, and the whole floor stayed white for about 5 hours.

Negative Junckers Comments I Have Heard

I have not heard too many negative comments about Junckers lacquers and floor finishes. The only real bad comments I have heard is that one time they supposedly added too much polyurethane to a batch of HP Sport lacquer. This gave problems for the court markers who came to install the court markings after. The court marking company had trouble with  the masking tape peeling up from the floor before they had time to paint the lines down. I also believe that the Junckers lacquers are less susceptible to temperature and humidity.

Please don’t take the negative comments that I have heard above discourage you from buying any of these products as they really are the two best companies in the world. These are a few cases that I have heard about, and these lacquers seal millions of square meters of floors every year.

The Price Difference

There is quite a difference in price between Bona and Junckers lacquers for the same range that each company offer. Junckers tends to be the cheaper one by quite a bit. Is this because Junckers in an inferior product? Well the answer to that is “no“. Why there is such a difference in price I don’t actually know, but my supplier tells me that the Junckers lacquers outsell the Bona lacquers by 2 to 1. So all these floor sanding and wood floor finishing companies can’t be wrong.

Me personally I use the Junckers lacquers as firstly I find them easier to use, secondly I tend to have less problems using them and thirdly because they are cheaper.

It might sound like I am biased in this discussion as I do actually use Junckers lacquers. However I use all Bona machinery and swear by it. I think that Bona floor sanding machines and DCS system are excellent. This is another topic that I will write up another day. Here is a forum topic on what’s the best floor sander.

If you have anything to add to this post then I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject of Bona vs Junckers lacquers. Just add comments in the box below.