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Bona Dust Free Floor Sanding Hertfordshire & London

What Is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is done by mechanically stripping the old finish off a floor. This allows the home owner to choose a new stain that can be applied to the floor and then refinished. It is a relatively simple process which, when done professionally, can make your old floors look brand new again.

Hardwood floors represent timeless class. However, after a little while, nothing can get the floor to shine and sparkle as it once did. That is a sure sign that it is time to re-finish the floors. Maybe you simply want a change. The dark staining will not go well with the beach-inspired decor you have chosen for your den. No matter what your inspiration, the best place to go to actualize your dreams is here at Peak Flooring

Dust Free Floor Sanding
There is the ubiquitous problem that makes sanding an uncomfortable process and this is the presence of fine dust when sanding. Not only is it unsightly, it is bad for your health and for the proper functioning of your electrical and home appliances.

Here, we will introduce you to a revolutionary new process that will have you smiling all day. Not only will you get your floors sanded at an affordable price, it will be done dustless!

With the Bona DCS system, your furniture dust covers will look just as fresh as they did when you put them on and the clean-up process will not stir up a cloud of dust larger than the Hiroshima mushroom cloud.

How does the Bona DCS system work?
This system utilizes a kind of vacuuming technology which ensure that as the floors are sanded the resulting dust is picked up. Thus it is not released to trouble the customer with clean up. The Bona DCS system has a two step cyclonic separation and filtering system. It is also very portable making it easier to sand floors anywhere in the shortest time.

Bona dcsBona dust free floor sanding

What Are The Benefits Of Dust Free Sanding?
Elimination of a large cleanup.
The dust from floor sanding does not usually affect only the room that is being sanded; other rooms get dusty too. Dust-free sanding reduces the cost of and energy used in cleaning the affected rooms. No more carpet cleaning carpets in a totally different part of the house. Your house plant’s leaves will no longer have that ugly coating of sanding dust on their leaves. Dust free sanding is far much cleaner.

It Is Cost Efficient
One pays for the sanding and that is it. The money that would have been use to pay for professional cleaning of other rooms in the house can be used for something else.

Dust Free Floor Sanding Is Better For Your Health
Have you witnessed or heard of asthma attacks, coughs or allergies triggered by the dust produced when sanding? All these potential health complications can now be eliminated with the use of dustless floor sanding. The micro- particles that one could have breathed in are quickly absorbed by the Bona DCS system. No more harmful particles floating about waiting for a hapless victim in whose respiratory system they can cause havoc.

Saves Your Furnaces & Duct Work
The nightmare of cleaning through your furnaces and duct work is now over. You no longer have to worry about clogged ducts. All this is because of the revolutionary new Bona DCS system that will suck up all those fine particles before they have a chance to do damage throughout your duct system.

Did you know that the dust generated during the sanding process is not only toxic, it is also a known carcinogen. Make sure you contact Peak Flooring next time if you would like to restore your wooden floors; we will use the revolutionary new Bona DCS system that will ensure all of that harmful dust is sucked up and away from anywhere where it may harm you.

The Bona DCS system is definitely the way to go and we at Peak Flooring have what it takes to deliver it to you. There is also a video here explaining how the Bona DCS works